How The Innovation Of Faxing Improved Business Communication


A fax machine refers to an electronic device where messages are transmitted and sent electronically through a telephone network. The telephone line is responsible for transmitting a message known as a ‘fax message.’ The information is delivered with the use of a thermal optical scanner and is moved through electronic signals.

How Fax Helps Businesses

At present time, there may be some offices and industries wherein the use of fax machines may have taken a back seat, given there’s now the internet and electronic mail. But for businesses sticking with fax machines, particularly online fax service, there are tremendous benefits it brings, including better business communications.

Here’s how faxing improved business communication:

1. It's Reliable

Fax machines are reliable because it doesn’t depend on the internet. As long as the phone line is powered and connected, this means you can still receive messages even when the internet connection is quite bad at the moment.

There’s no need to figure out complicated tech-related matters when it comes to sending fax messages. As long as you know the recipient’s fax number, you can send it immediately.

Fax machines can improve your business communication in such a way that it has higher dependability. This means any member of your workforce who knows how to operate the machine can send a message and can also be sure the recipient gets the information.

Most importantly, a fax machine isn’t prone to acquiring viruses and program malfunctions, which is a risk with computers. Since fax machine has fewer specifications, malware seldom occurs.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

The cost-efficiency of fax machines can’t be underscored. For starters, the only expense that’s involved with fax machines is the maintenance of telephone lines, papers, and electricity. Anything beyond that, a fax machine is cost-effective to maintain. If you take good care of it, a fax machine is slated to last for many years to come.

Also, fax machines are usually cheaper than printers and scanners. For functionality that’s the same with the mentioned equipment, fax machines can be a go-to.

3. It Enables Easy Acquisition Of Hard Copies

There are instances in business transactions when having hard copies is needed. When you send an email, however, this would mean you’d have to print after going through the entire document. If there are many, this could be time-consuming.

But with a fax machine, the printing is always at an instant. Right when you receive the message, a copy comes out of the machine. This eliminates the need to print separately after reading the fax.

4. It Sends Business Communication Fast

Fax machine messages are also fast, so you don’t have to worry about a slow internet connection delaying the message.

Moreover, with emails, you’ve got to be cautious about the file size. If it's too big, then the tendency is for the email to take time in loading and being sent. At times, it may not even be sent at all.

With a fax machine, you don’t have this concern because within seconds, the recipient gets the file. Fax machines are reliable as messages can be sent even to international numbers. And if there’s any file that can’t be opened, sent, or accessed through email, the fax machine will immediately be able to send this out.

This speed is also beneficial because you don’t have to be concerned about whether or not the recipient has an internet connection. Phone lines can be more accessible than internet connections, especially in some areas where connectivity isn’t good and strong. As long as the office slated to receive your business correspondence has a phone connection, it’s immaterial whether or not they’ve got internet access as they're sure to receive your message.

5. It’s Simple To Install And Operate

There’s nothing that makes fax machines difficult to install and maintain. This shouldn’t be a problem with getting everyone on your business communications team to install, send, operate, and receive fax messages when it arrives.

It’s as simple as connecting the machine to a telephone line, and you’re good to go. Usually, there wouldn’t be any complications in operating the machinery.

6. It’s Not Easy To Get Hacked

It’s safe to say it’s almost impossible to hack a fax machine. So if there’s any confidential information you need to send, a fax machine is your best bet. With emails and other software, they're fast, but they’re prone to viruses and hacking. You wouldn’t want confidential business communications to fall into the hands of the wrong people.

Today, despite the presence of the internet, there are still many organizations with confidential information preferring to use fax machines for their communication. These are in the field of business, healthcare, politics, and law.

7. It’s Convenient

Apart from the speed, fax machines can improve business communications because of their convenience. Right there and then, you can send the message on the machine. By pressing a few buttons, your transactions can be completed already without any hassle.

Compare this with email, for instance. Through this medium, you’ll have to save documents and scan through them before they’re sent to the right people. If your computers are slow, then this would eat up so much time. This also holds true if there are many employees in the office sharing only a few printers and other equipment.

Instead of doing all the saving, printing, and scanning by yourself, the fax machine will do virtually everything for you. It's a fast and cost-effective way to transmit documents, no matter where the location is in the world.


As you can see, there are still many advantages businesses can enjoy from having a fax machine. While the internet is reliable, it still comes with limitations. There are instances when your connection may suffer, but business communications need to continue.

With a fax machine, this means you’ll still be able to receive correspondence even when your internet fails. The advantages above should convince you having a fax machine is something you may need to have in your business today.