Telaverge: Next-Gen Telecommunication Solutions for Seamless 5G Transition

Kumar Ramalingam, founder and CEO
The telecommunications industry is undergoing a significant transition as smart cities begin to take root. With digital technologies becoming the engine that powers everything from utilities to emergency response, a cohesive 5G-powered hyperconnectivity framework is needed to connect these smart city digital centers. For telecom vendors and operators, this means ‘business as usual’ won’t cut it. They need to cross the boundaries of traditional telcos and evolve into digital enterprises—capabilities that Telaverge brings to the table.

Whether it’s enterprise applications, networking, automation, machine learning, analytics, or IoT, Telaverge ensures their endcustomers have the tools and resources to power their digital transformation projects.

“We deliver a plethora of solutions to our end-customers, from testing and development to deployment and requirement analysis,” says Kumar Ramalingam, Founder and CEO of Telaverge.

The company’s comprehensive solutions include the Regal test automation orchestration platform along with the Unicorn 5G emulation platform, the 4G/LTE and 5G core elements suite, and the PrObserv AI/ML-based network observability platform. Together with Telaverge’s Services, these solutions enable clients to streamline software development, simplify 5G implementation, and improve the observability of their established networks.

Regal for Containers and Cloud (RCC)

The Regal platform offers a whole new approach to test automation orchestration, enabling clients to reduce cost, improve quality, and gain better visibility into their telecom and networking software development processes. Until now, infrastructure providers, operators, independent software vendors, and telecom OEMs depended on conventional semi-automation tools and scripting languages to orchestrate software testing, which required some level of manual intervention. With Regal, they can automate the entire process of performance, regression, solution, security, and API test execution. This significantly accelerates the time to market delivering high quality software.

The platform offers a unique dynamic setup and tear-down of test environments on a centralized framework to automatically orchestrate tests, whether software development projects are hosted on bare metal servers, VMs, containers or private/public clouds. The necessary hardware and virtual machine resources required for specific tests are reserved only at the time of testing, so customers don’t have to dedicate entire test labs as with the conventional testing approach. Even the test initiation is quick and simple. Clients can easily define the test case for their software and launch relevant tests with the click of a button, or with a CI/CD deployment trigger.
Upon test completion, back-end analytics module using AI/ ML infers and adds critical insights, which clients can leverage to optimize the quality of their software and deploy it faster. Even upcoming software patches can be quickly tested and implemented.

“Our automated test orchestration workflow significantly accelerates the creation, integration and execution of test cases for some of our biggest clients,” says Thomas Wiklund, Director of Sales and Marketing, Telaverge.

For instance, it helped a telecom software developer reduce a workforce of twenty testers, to two, in order to manage the testing process. Resource utilization improved by over 80 percent, enabling the client to enhance the product’s quality while reducing the total cost of ownership of their testing resources.
Connected, Intelligent, and Distributed Paradigm for 5G

Software development is just one aspect of the hyperconnectivity paradigm. To meet today’s digitalization needs, companies need to transition from their legacy-based infrastructure to service-based infrastructure. This is where Telaverge’s protocol expertise and Inter Working Functions (IWFs) come into play.

The company integrates newer generation of components on top of the client’s existing telecom infrastructure, enabling them to augment capabilities without overhauling current solutions or losing existing subscriber database. Mobile virtual network operators and other system integrators find this extremely useful to facilitate a smooth 5G transition for their subscribers.

Telaverge also enables clients to emulate multiple 5G network signaling nodes through its emulation platform, Unicorn. Used with Regal, Unicorn leverages HTTP 1.1/2.0 protocol to improve information transfer in the telecom infrastructure. The platform offers horizontal and vertical scalability, allowing clients to upgrade existing infrastructure and add new nodes as per requirements.

We deliver the whole nine yards of solutions to the telecom industry, from testing to development and from deployment to requirement analysis

Once the end customers are ready for 5G, Telaverge’s 5G private network functions equip them. From authentication server function and unified data management to united data repository and unstructured data storage function, Telaverge provides the critical 5G private network functions clients need.

Enhancing User Experience with Better Network Visibility

The coalescing boundaries between telecom companies and enterprises have led to an increasing need for IoT and mobile virtual network operators to maintain comprehensive observability of their networks. In this regard, Telaverge’s PrObserv platform enables clients to capture, analyze, troubleshoot, and report across a wide range of protocols from a single interface. The insights gathered by the platform from different data points are viewed on an intuitive dashboard, enabling clients to track subscriber complaints, analyze the problem, and provide insights for streamlined resolutions.

Pushing the Envelope of Operator Expectations

The inherent security features of 5G are making it the perfect candidate for incorporating 5G in telehealth capabilities.

The company, leveraging its 5G architecture, has developed a robust AR-based telesurgery platform, which accommodates video merge annotations and integration with EMR on a secure bandwidth piggybacking on its 5G network. This ‘dedicated highway’ facilitated by the platform seamlessly enables surgeons to collaborate. For instance, a surgeon is able to get real-time guidance from specialists to perform complex surgeries from anywhere, using the 5G telesurgery platform. It is further complemented by a hosted AI/ML-based image analysis solution, which helps radiologists and physicians load images and get highly accurate insights for more effective diagnoses.

Telaverge’s role, from revamping the quality of smart city telecom infrastructure to revolutionizing telemedicine, is undoubtedly blazing a new trail and ushering the telecom industry into the future.


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Kumar Ramalingam, founder and CEO and Thomas Wiklund, Director of Sales

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