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Nir Shalom, Chief Executive Officer
IoT adoption continues to grow across global industries, and IoT device manufacturing companies are aiming to make the most of the current opportunities by providing value-added services (VAS). However, delivering new services on top of hardware requires manufacturers to take firm control of the network management. While a company that caters to local customers can partner with a local telco and get its devices connected, for companies operating in multiple countries, managing device connectivity and configuration demands careful orchestration of several factors. These factors include permanent roaming, device control, security, and performance. Global companies need a technology partner who can help them overcome remote device and network management challenges.

Filling this gap is floLIVE, a London-based company that helps device and chip manufacturers manage their global network of IoT devices through a single user interface. The company, that recently announced $21.5M in funding from 83North, Dell Technologies Capital, Saban Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures LLC, provides cloudnative solutions that allow clients to enable global IoT connectivity while staying compliant with local laws and maintaining maximum security. “We can run the client’s entire IoT connectivity and networking on the cloud, seamlessly,” says Nir Shalom, recently named floLIVE’s CEO after a long career with AT&T.

Rather than relying on third-party solutions, floLIVE distinguishes itself by owning the entire technology stack. This comprises a cloud-native mobile network that can run any commodity infrastructure and is compliant with containers and Kubernetes. The company has also deployed its core network in different regions of the world, resulting in a global mobile network with local breakout points. Each core network hosts a local IMSI range. When a device lands in a country, a local IMSI is downloaded, overcoming the restrictions of permanent roaming, data privacy, security and performance. Such unique solutions position floLIVE to provide a global IoT connectivity and networking solution for device makers of any sort in a secure and compliant manner.
In order to best serve its global Enterprise customers, floLIVE partners with mobile network operators (MNO’s) to provide local connectivity. floLIVE connects its global network to different MNO’s over the cloud in a simple way, using APIs. “Additionally, we have added BSS (business support services) such as billing and invoicing to help clients easily manage their backend functions. Clients can share the BSS feature with their customers for better experience,” highlights Shalom.

Another striking aspect of floLIVE is that it abstracts the complexity of managing multiple global networks. By implementing next-gen UICC and eSIM capabilities within its solution, the company allows clients to manage global IoT connectivity with ‘a click of a button.’ No more manual switching between network operators. Networks can be optimized and scaled based on immediate requirements in any particular region. Driven by a clientcentric business model, floLIVE 20 MOST PROMISING TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDERS FOR TELECOM INDUSTRY - 2020 only bills for active devices that have begun generating traffic.

floLIVE’s solutions also allow MNOs to earn revenue by injecting traffic to their local network. Additionally, MNO’s can avoid complex roaming agreements by supporting their customers seamlessly through floLIVE’s global network. MNO’s can also choose floLIVE as their IoT platform to manage connectivity in their local footprint, benefitting from in-built UICC and eSIM capabilities, saving on TCO and seeing true ease of use through integration and simplicity.

A case in point, floLIVE is currently working with one of the group MNO’s that needs a cost-effective and compliant solution for local core networks in each country where they have a footprint. floLIVE’s solution uses a disaggregated architecture that aids in configuring networks across different locations and interconnecting them to build one big network. The resulting network can be enabled with all of the connectivity management capabilities.

Moving forward, floLIVE intends to deploy a 5G-based network to serve clients globally, and expand its MNO partnership network to provide better local connectivity to clients.


London, UK

Nir Shalom, Chief Executive Officer

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