atmail: A Customizable and Scalable Cloud Email Solution

Dave Richards, CEO
If COVID-19 taught us anything about email, it’s that email is not only as relevant as ever, but it’s truly an essential lifeline for communications, especially during a crisis. This puts a lot of pressure on organizations that run email platforms for their customers (such as telcos, ISPs and hosting providers), who are highly dependent on an email solution that is not only user-friendly for their end customers, but is incredibly stable, scalable and secure.

Perfectly poised to provide this solution is atmail—one of the world’s most trusted, white-label, email providers. Not only do they specialize in reliable solutions for the telco, ISP and hosting industry, but they’re also experts in helping companies to use email hosting to increase customer engagement and brand revenue, as well as helping companies to migrate their customer email platforms to the cloud. “In order to stay ahead in the race of digital transformation and reduce the infrastructure and maintenance costs of their already existing legacy email platforms, telcos and ISPs are readily migrating to the cloud. As industry experts, we are enabling the transition of customers from their data centers to cloud environments, while taking away the complexity of running an email platform,” asserts Dave Richards, CEO of atmail.“Most people don’t realize or even understand just how complex it is to run a quality email platform. Moving email to the cloud takes away this headache, and also helps companies achieve high availability and take advantage of the scale and OPEX benefits that come with cloud platforms.”

Founded in 1998, the company specializes in offering modern, cloud-hosted email, with the choice of U.S. or EU data centers. “We make sure that the telcos and service providers don’t have to worry about the in-house server costs, maintenance, and downtime. We manage their email platform, staffing, and help them stay successful by leveraging our industry expertise,” explains Richards. Alternatively, atmail can provide on-premises webmail and/or mail server options, for customers who prefer to keep their data in-house.

To help telcos deliver a world-class, hassle-free email experience for their customers, atmail provides robust spam protection with its premium antispam and malware detection offering.

We are fanatical about the end-user experience, and our goal is to boost our client’s customer engagement and brand revenue

It significantly improves the speed and accuracy of detecting spam, fraud, and phishing emails, while reducing false positives. Instead of trying to produce market-leading antivirus or antispam scanning in-house, atmail partners with trusted email security providers such as Cyren and Vade Secure (who collectively protect Google, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, BT and Comcast), to integrate their market-leading protection inside atmail products, and deliver an exceptional email experience for endusers. “Customers develop implicit trust in their service providers over time, and our premium protection is all about upholding that trust. We are fanatical about the enduser experience,” notes Richards.

“For telcos who have a legacy email platform that has largely sat unloved in the corner for many years, without any clear connection drawn between active email usage and overall brand spend, don’t feel bad, you are in the majority,” says Richards. “That’s where we come in. We can help telcos revitalize what might be sitting in the corner and use that email service to drive greater customer engagement and revenue.”

With atmail’s 22 years of global email expertise, serving telcos, ISPs and hosting providers worldwide, the company has carved a unique niche for itself in this market. Today, atmail powers over 170 million mailboxes globally and has offices in Australia, the U.S., Europe and Asia. “Combining our user experience, with our industry knowledge, and our engagement with customers… that’s just a wonderful recipe for success,” states Richards.


Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia

Dave Richards, CEO

atmail is a world-leading, white-label, email-only provider. The company offers user-friendly, modern, and cloud-hosted email(withthe choice of U.S. or E.U. data centers). atmail also provides on-premises webmail and/or mail server options for companies that prefer to keep their data in-house. With atmail’s 22 years of global email expertise, serving telcos and hosting providers worldwide, the company has carved a unique niche for itself in this market, and partners with leading antispam and malware protection companies to offer one-stop premium offerings.Today, atmail powers over 170 million mailboxes globally and has offices in Australia, the U.S., Europe and Asia