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Gordon Smith, President & CEO
The telecommunications industry awaits the first large-scale rollout of fifth-generation (5G) wireless technologies, with the high capacity and low latency to answer a growing need for instant, reliable services. Parallel to this mobile development, network operators are keen to take a more holistic approach towards improving enterprise networks. Telecoms are focused on driving business efficiencies and streamlining their processes, while maintaining their legacy networks. But what stays intact is their inefficiency in network diagnostics; i.e., figuring out which network device needs repair or replacement, and determining which equipment is obsolete and can be resold.

Founded in 2001 as a telecommunications networking equipment provider, Sagent is renowned in the industry for its technology maintenance services, which span the equipment lifecycle and help network operators manage their infrastructure. As a leading global supplier of hardware and advanced services for data centers and wireless, cable, and wireline networks, Sagent helps companies expand, support, upgrade, and monetize their legacy networks to maximize their return on assets. Sagent’s business intelligence solutions, which are designed for the communications market, also enhance network transparency so clients can lower their total cost of network ownership.

“We provide efficient, integrated network solutions with our full suite of services across the equipment lifecycle. Our focus is on delivering measurable cost-savings to the market and helping companies find and address hidden costs and opportunities through our data analytics capabilities so they get the most value from their network investments,” says Gordon Smith, the President and CEO at Sagent.

Alongside its “nothing to hide” approach, six R’s serve as the pillars of Sagent operations. The first 3R’s stand for Reuse, Replace, and Resell, various options available for network technology equipment. On the services side, Sagent helps companies Restore, Repair, and Report on the network.

We provide efficient, integrated network monitoring solutions with our full suite of services across the equipment lifecycle

These elements are incorporated into a comprehensive third party maintenance solution, with engineers providing remote support and hardware deployments. “We have a field service group that handles the decommissioning of assets and installation of replacements to help clients cover the whole equipment lifecycle. Our overarching objective is to assist them in making informed decisions for their network assets relative to which repair and maintenance choices make the most sense,” says Smith.

With robust data analytics and business intelligence reporting capability, Sagent delivers actionable data on network trends to demonstrate where clients can improve operations, save money, and spend their capital more efficiently. Whether helping companies identify equipment that fails to meet operator’s standards, discover why a certain network technology failed, or surface money-saving opportunities in hardware field repairs, Sagent is the one-stop shop for all networking needs.

For the last 18 years, the company has been successfully serving thousands of customers in over 80 countries, including Tier1 telcos, cable MSOs, Fortune 500s, and OEMs. With a strong market position, Sagent will continue providing effective services and looks to make additional investments in technological adaptations in the third party maintenance and the repair space. “More reliability, less runaround, full transparency, and customer-centric services are the key to being at the leading edge of customer support. Going ahead, we are planning for both technological expansion in our Test and Repair lab, as well as geographic expansion to grow with our customers’ needs,” says Smith.


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Gordon Smith, President & CEO

The company provides efficient, integrated network solutions with a full suite of services across the equipment lifecycle