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Steve Steele, COO
Telecom service providers and wireless carriers strive to enhance their network performance for superior service delivery. To enable network improvements, they look for affordable, scalable, and secure solutions that can unlock higher data transfer speeds. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Horizon is a broadband company that assists carrier and enterprise customers who rely upon high-quality and high-reliability broadband services with its modern-day innovations and custom solutions. “As broadband started to revolutionize telecommunication services, we recognized our customers’ needs for faster connectivity,” says Steve Steele, COO of Horizon. Backed by its 120-year industry experience, Horizon was quick to anticipate the huge demand for high-speed connections. To gain early momentum, the company began building a powerful fiber optic network in 2007. Rather than integrating pre-existing technologies, Horizon incorporated cutting edge electronics and optical fiber to build a future-proof and highly efficient network.

The genesis of Horizon’s broadband strategy lies in demand for an affordable, scalable solution that allows for seamless sharing of data for communities in the Ohio and Midwest regions. “We were awarded a grant to build a network in Southern Ohio using fiber optic technologies. Leveraging the opportunity, we brought stable connections to communities which had been unserved or underserved for years,” adds Steve. The newly installed fiber was purpose-built for speed, scalability, and reliability. Subsequently, the company expanded its services to rural communities that allowed community members to connect to data centers and cloud environments. The high-performance network infrastructure allowed consumers in rural parts of Ohio to gain better cell services that matched the capabilities of their urban counterparts. Growing as the premier broadband provider throughout Ohio, Horizon powers the telecom industry with its optical communications technologies.

In the telecom space, wireless carriers pin their hopes on 5G technology while re-imagining the way consumers work, play, and ingest information. However, it is critical for these providers to upgrade the backbone that connects their cell towers and small cells in order to provide these benefits. Unlike legacy copper cables, fiber optics can transfer large volumes of data at lightning speeds. Horizon’s network allows its carrier clients to reliably transmit information to their switches at high speed.

Growing as the premier broadband provider in Ohio, Horizon powers the telecom industry with its optical communications technologies

The company possesses the technical know-how and the resources to interconnect clients’ communication towers and help them leverage these speeds to provide fast and reliable service.

Apart from serving the carrier sector, Horizon also extends its services to the healthcare industry. It provides secure, stable, and agile network solutions that enable hospitals located in different places to communicate critical medical information on a secure network. A case in point, Horizon connects dozens of hospitals and clinics scattered across the region with a network architecture that is robust and reliable where adequate and affordable services were previously unavailable. Horizon designed this solution to avoid the interruptions associated with legacy technologies.

“We consider our clients as partners in our efforts to provide customized access to broadband in the Ohio region that is specifically designed to meet clients’ needs,” says Steele. Horizon meets with clients on their business goals and requirements to analyze their goals and network configurations before it begins to frame custom solutions to meet their specific demand. Horizon provides peace of mind to its customers by partnering to deliver tailored, reliable, industry-leading data transport and by exceeding customer expectations with “good neighbor” quality customer service.

Presently, Horizon is looking to expand the territory for its services to its customers. Organizations seeking access to Midwestern markets can achieve reliable services from Horizon in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Horizon’s roadmap for the future includes extending its service offerings to more metropolitan areas throughout Ohio and surrounding states.

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Horizon Telcom, Inc

Columbus, OH

Steve Steele, COO

An Ohio-based regional fiber-optic broadband company that provides highly-reliable, scalable and customized solutions to businesses seeking high-quality, high-reliability network upgrades for growing data

Horizon Telcom, Inc