Exusia: Bridging the Gap between Data Strategy and Engineering

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Inertia is relevant to every aspect of life. Every deviation from an existing course is strenuous, laborious, and includes several challenges, demanding meditated focus to keep a success story rolling. This is ever evident in the wildly progressive telecommunication space, which is witnessing a dramatic and historic shift these days due to the rapid deployment of diverse IoT (Internet of things) devices. Along with this increasing numbers of devices, the advent of high-speed broadband, 4G networks and the introduction of 5G have made the situation even more complicated. All these changes have ultimately led to the accumulation of massive and complex data sets. In this scenario, it has become crucial for telco leaders to build proper analytical models to address customer behaviour more proactively to maintain and grow profitability. With a founding team that has decades of experience in data management and analytics, Exusia has been built over the past seven years to understand the loopholes that prevail in the telecom field and now offers dedicated solutions to bridge the gap between data strategy and high-quality system engineering that many organizations are facing. These solutions enable telcos to ingest, standardize and act on massive amounts of data as well as stand up elastic infrastructure to efficiently handle peak data processing cycles while ultimately supporting proprietary client models using a combination of predictive rules, machine learning and even artificial intelligence techniques.

One of the most unique aspects of Exusia, is in how the company has been able to carve out a niche separating it in this congested data strategy space. Trevor Silver, CEO of Exusia mentions, “We are uniquely positioned to help clients scale and tackle the massive volumes of data being produced by IoT devices through our innovative approach and experience. Many companies today are still gathering IoT activity and the terabytes, pedabytes or now even anabytes of activity being produced through various devices in the Telecom space, but they are not able to derive sensible information out of it and make critical and timely business deicisions to help the bottom line. Exusia is able to help it’s clients scale up to capitalize on the expanding data production to empower governed, real-time decision making through a more streamlined process.” Interestingly, Exusia’s offerings start from the ground level and the process includes the proper understanding of its customers’ problems and the deployment of relevant solutions.

The kind of innovation that Exusia drives is the result of a unique approach that comes from leveraging a combination of 4GL technology, intellectual property and proper management of master and metadata. For Exusia, master data management plays a pivotal role to accelerate the growth of revenue since these rich data sets hold information about the core business, such as details of products, customers, plan locations, and suppliers.
Through the management of master and metadata, Exusia provides data accuracy, completeness and visibility into business rules leveraging industry vetted technology and mitigates operational risks and cost through its proprietary approach and frameworks. “Today Exusia is helping clients, leveraging proven techniques, on initiatives involving real-time customer profiling and churn analysis, profitability analytics based on customer lifetime value and even fraud management analytics which look at real-time customer patterns and behaviours.” adds Silver. Exusia’s solutions can be deployed to clients having an on-premise infrastructure and now also in support of those who depend on leading third-party cloud providers, such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. In addition to this, Exusia maintains a centralized offsite global delivery model that allows it to scale its capabilities while keeping its costs to clients low. As a sequel to it, the clientele of the company is not constrained to the telecom space; instead, it includes players now from the fields of healthcare, financial services, supply chain, high technology and most recently consumer products.

To run the success story around their planned trajectory, it is essential to maintain a team of experts and draw a proper future roadmap which integrates all aspects of their business. Silver mentions, “Exusia has a great operations team that helps drive our talent acquisition and employee development capabilities while also playing a critical and integrated role in employee mobility opportunities that is in direct support of our client delivery teams in various parts of the world. In the near future, this platform is enabling us to continue to make significant investments in R&D to develop more solutions to support clients and their big data challenges while reducing the overall time to market and risk associated to strategic data management initiatives. Exusia is looking to continue to expand its offerings from the Americas, Africa and Northwest Asia to clients in Southeast Asia, Australia, and ultimately Europe over the next couple years.”


New York, NY

Trevor Silver, CEO

Provider of analytics, operational applications and SaaS-based solutions to enterprises struggling to monetive massive data sets