AFL: Improving Network Connectivity across Regions

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Kurt Dallas, President of Product Solutions
"Connect customers around the world with innovative technologies, exceptional products, and high-quality services.” This vision drives AFL forward in their quest to empower and enable their customers around the globe. With three decades of experience in manufacturing, engineering, and the installation of fiber optic infrastructure solutions, the company enables high-speed voice, video, and data services for customers in industries such as telecommunications, hyperscale data centers, medical, broadcast, and more. AFL started with a single product in the Energy Utility space—Optical Ground Wire—and has evolved to provide thousands of products and services to their customers in 120 countries worldwide from locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Asia. “At AFL, we’re working with our customers every day to deliver integrated solutions that make their companies stronger, more profitable, and provide superior services to their customers,” says Kurt Dallas, president of product solutions at AFL.

“Everyone, from the largest service providers to the smallest ones, needs their networks designed and built to meet key performance requirements while remaining on-time and on-budget, and that is an area of significant concentration for AFL,” says Dallas. To help their customers in this regard, AFL offers a turnkey solution directed at mitigating the challenges faced by service providers during the designing and implementation of their networks.

When working with their customers, AFL participates in the actual network design, the full sourcing of all products, the installation and post network turn-up and acceptance. Being designers, installers, and users of the product themselves, the company has been exceptional in driving better product design and innovation for their customers. “We have the end user and the installer in mind and focus on developing creative solutions that deliver true value,” adds Dallas.

AFL has also organized its business and the application interface to align with each customer’s needs so that their solutions can be customized accordingly. “Be it a fiber optic cable or a type of enclosure, it is designed and suited specifically to the market segment in which it is deployed,” remarks Dallas. For instance, the company can collaborate with their customers at the feasibility stage and direct the project from there through design and implementation.

At AFL, we’re working with our customers every day to deliver integrated solutions that make their companies stronger, more profitable, and provide superior services to their customers

They also work with experienced customers, who already have inherent knowledge, and help them drive the right value out of the project. “They tell us their vision, and we help them realize it,” extols Dallas.

In one recent instance, a Utility customer was looking to provide broadband connectivity to a rural area. Since AFL is experienced in the needs and challenges of the electric grids in similar areas, they understood the customer’s network requirements and leveraged their expertise in fiber optics. By integrating a full turnkey solution for them, the company built all the aerial networks in a short period. “They are now ready to provide fiber optic-based broadband service to a large percentage of their subscriber network that had previously been under-served,” adds Dallas.

“Our solutions are not built for just what you need today, but what you will need tomorrow,” says Dallas. As a testimony to this, AFL recently launched the ASCEND™ platform—a modular high-density platform for data center applications— designed to meet today’s ever-changing network requirements. It delivers optimal fiber management and ease-of-use for a variety of functions, from supporting incremental growth to full-scale deployment.

With an industry presence since 1984, AFL has been building on its growth year over year, continuously providing innovative solutions for their customers and supporting their need for the latest technology. AFL is intent on listening and engaging with their customers to develop a solution that supports their long-term needs. By consistently reviewing their technology, assessing how they can manufacture at higher productivity levels while retaining outstanding quality, AFL is poised for future growth.


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Kurt Dallas, President of Product Solutions

Provides Optical infrastructure, equipment, and full turn-key solutions along with a complete service offering to help their customers boost network connectivity across regions