Valicom: Redefining Telecom and Technology Expense Management

Jeff Poirior, President & COO
After each billing cycle, every organization is swamped with a heap of telecom and technology expenses and invoices, which need to be approved by top-level managers or approvers in a timely and accurate manner. Though most organizations try to centralize this process, distribution of billers that generate these invoices are spread across the country and sometimes across the world, leading to irregularities and delays in the approval process. “Most of our clients have had problems reviewing invoices in a timely manner. When they come to us, we empower them in such a way that all these invoices are at their fingertips, thereby allowing them to approve the expenses and pay bills with a click of a button,” explains Jeff Poirior, President and COO of Valicom.

With 27 years of experience and expertise in the telecom industry, Valicom tailors its expense management solutions to address unique requirements of the corporate world. It provides a variety of Telecom and Technology Expense Management (TEM) solutions with customized features such as invoice approvals and asset expense management. In addition to its TEM suite, the company offers a centralized database which allows its clients to match, merge, and utilize data stored across different servers and cloud platforms. This proves to be a great advantage for Valicom’s clients, who often lose track of data stored across various servers either in their in-house data centers or on the cloud, which can cause problems when they get rid of any of their servers. With a centralized database, organizations can conveniently access any information resulting in faster decision making.

Valicom’s TEM software— Clearview—serves as a single channel to manage multiple telecom expenses, be it mobile, wire-line, or data. Each expense module is supported by a full-featured suite of functionalities such as inventory management, invoice auditing, bill payments, cost allocation, and reporting. “We have created an invoice approval tool that goes through secured email links and reaches out to approvers across the world, in a timely fashion, and allows them to review and approve invoices at a glance,” adds Poirior.

We have created an invoice approval tool that goes through secured email links and reaches out to approvers across the world, in a timely fashion

Additionally, it facilitates aggregation of data from various sources, thereby delivering an optimized approach to manage multiple expenses. By streamlining the approval of invoices, Valicom’s offerings ease organizational workflows by redirecting information to the appropriate personnel or department within an organization. Valicom’s invoice approval system offers the benefit of allocating approvers by cost, GL codes, department codes, and locations to optimize the process of auditing. Upon approval of invoices, bills get added to the payment queue. If something looks incorrect or inappropriate, the bills are sent back to Valicom to resolve the bill disputes and credit requests.

The company has been a key enabler of expense management in various sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, consumer goods, utilities and energy, hospitality, transportation, and government. One of its clients in the energy management sector had over 700 wireless devices at their workplace with an annual telecom expenditure of six million dollars. However, due to the lack of aggregation, validating these expenses became a herculean task. Collaborating with Valicom, the energy firm attained a centralized invoice processing system and a bill payment service, saving close to $500,000 annually. In a similar endeavor, Valicom provided a detailed cost allocation solution for one of its clients in the hospitality industry for greater transparency across their wide area network, resulting in a net profit of five million dollars. Numerous such accomplishments have earned Valicom a firm foothold in the TEM landscape.

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