Saisei: A Proactive Approach toward Next-Gen Network Management

Julia Sartini, COO
An explosive traffic growth driven by Over the Top Traffic (OTT) and IoT devices has introduced integration challenges for CIOs and network operators. Further, the challenge that organizations encounter while migrating their infrastructure from legacy appliance-based network architecture to SDN NFV architecture has also augmented this issue. To overcome this quandary, organizations need to ensure that network classifications and enforcement should be “must have,” rather than a “good to have” requirement. Through its cutting-edge unified solution for visibility, analytics, and enforcement (bandwidth control)—FlowCommand—a company called Saisei is mitigating these challenges. Its proactive approach toward network management goes a long way in ensuring that its solutions are transparent to network operators from a network design and operations’ standpoint. The company allows enterprises and service providers to use their full network bandwidth, resulting in dramatic savings, accelerated revenue growth, and great user experience.

Saisei’s enforcement improves network performance and user experience dramatically while enabling network operators to operationalize their links at very high utilization. “This means, most TCP/IP networks that were typically running at 60 percent utilization can run at greater than 90 percent utilization without impacting the user experience,” states Julia Sartini, the COO of Saisei. Saisei’s FlowCommand is a software-based solution that has no dependence on any hardware manufacturer and can run on commodity hardware or in a virtual environment. Additionally, the ability to provide real-time and historical data on a per-user-per application level reduces customer management and technical support overheads substantially. Saisei’s unique and specially designed algorithms are based out of the four network enforcement patents that the company holds and assist clients in increasing network performance. The firm also supports full rest API support for simplified integration to third-party OSS BSS.

With more than 40 predefined metrics which are used to identify UX issues based on application, Geo-location, and users, Saisei’s advanced network performance enforcement solution, FlowCommand, delivers real-time network visibility, analytics, and control capabilities.

Most TCP/IP networks that were typically running at 60 percent utilization can run at greater than 90 percent utilization without impacting the user experience

The firm doesn’t rely on sampled network data, rather, they report on every single flow in real time. “As such, Saisei has the ability to react instantly to any of the millions of analytics data points it collects and processes in real time,” adds Sartini. In an instance, Saisei helped the Sunway Group, one of Malaysia’s largest and most-renowned property construction firms in significantly reducing user complaints about network performance and optimized bandwidth utilization by more than 30 percent, which resulted in cost savings of more than $80,000 and delayed CapEx on upgrades for more than six months. “Sunway Digital Wave needed to provide a consistent and seamless experience to users bringing on new applications and next-gen devices all vying for network access and bandwidth, and FlowCommand guaranteed that each user had equal access to the network regardless how many users were on it,” mentions Sartini. According to Daniel Soh, the assistant GM of Sunway who was pleased by the result, Saisei’s FlowCommand software was the only solution that provided fair usage to all users. “Customers get what they pay for, and we can deliver the bandwidth needed for a high-quality, reliable, and consistent UX.”

Having carved a unique niche in the network analysis and control landscape, Sartini envisions more success in the future. She informs, “We are witnessing the advent of increased machine learning capabilities to identify and improve UX related issues. We will aim for the continued expansion of security-related features to augment security infrastructure, particularly around DDoS identification and mitigation.”


Sunnyvale, CA

Julia Sartini, COO

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