Enterprise Telecom Partners: A New Approach to Enterprise Networking

Thomas Spooner, Founder
The growing complexity of the telecom industry, encompassing the need for high bandwidth and mobility coupled with rapidly changing technologies oftentimes requires new tools to help IT teams stay ahead. As a result, the majority of companies today are on the lookout to partner with organizations that excel in highly specialized areas. If their quest is for a reliable and robust telecom solutions partner, perhaps they should call on Enterprise Telecom Partners. Having understood the challenges of the present-day telecom arena, Thomas Spooner, a telecom veteran, established the company in 2007 to offer value-added telecom consulting and solutions that help customers benefit from the myriad of new Ethernet and cloud-based network services across the world.

Enterprise Telecom Partners is a full-service telecom channel agency that partners with global carriers to help customers design, implement, and manage the overall data networks. “Our agency offers customers access to over 200 carriers, IT and cloud solution providers, and other ancillary players in the telecom market,” says Spooner. The company provides a range of solutions that span from a simple internet circuit to a complex global network with dedicated optical infrastructure with multiple colocation facilities.

As a part of their telecom carrier implementation process, Enterprise Telecom Partners’ engineers invest a great amount of time to analyze the customer’s IT environment, understand their pain points in implementing telecom solutions and objectives, and subsequently perform a technical review to source only highly qualified vendors that can provide solutions that meet customer requirements. Once the qualified vendors are identified, request for quotations (RFQs) are submitted. The carrier’s responses are analyzed to help customers choose premium services at a cost-effective price point.

Enterprise Telecom Partners also helps in implementation of telecom services. During this stage, the company systematically goes through each and every installation to ensure a smooth transition and meet all the customer’s needs are met.
After the implementation process, “We go into the support role, where we overlay with carriers to monitor and operate networks,” remarks Spooner. The company provides state-of-the-art network monitoring and network operations center where they can manage trouble tickets and instantaneously notify the customer of degradation of service or outages. If desired, a billing consolidation component can be added if the solution involves multiple services and providers as in a typical software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) implementation.

To elaborate more on the company’s value proposition, Spooner cites a real-life scenario where they worked with an international law firm to solve the issues with their multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network and internal office network. By leveraging Enterprise Telecom Partners’ telecom solutions and consultation, the law firm was able to increase their bandwidth exponentially, simplify the RFQ process, and save costs, while increasing the security of the network.

As the computing resources and infrastructures move to the cloud, there is a huge drive to evolve network architectures to provide high bandwidth, redundancy, and low latency needed to make applications perform in the real world. To facilitate this, Enterprise Telecom Partners offers SD-WAN solutions from numerous providers that allow customers to securely connect internet circuits from different locations into their WAN. These include MPLS, Fiber Internet, Broadband, and more. In addition, the company also has extensive fiber maps that overlay over 300 carriers’ networks to map the right providers to serve at the locations when sourcing carrier services at branch locations.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to pervade the telecommunications industry, Enterprise Telecom Partners is beginning to offer subject matter expertise to help customers capitalize on IoT based telecom solutions.

An added benefit of partnering with Enterprise Telecom Partners and their agency model is, they don’t charge their clients for their services. This allows them to immediately engage customers without a separate procurement process.

Enterprise Telecom Partners

Bellingham, WA

Thomas Spooner, Founder

Enterprise Telecom Partners helps customers source, design, and implement carrier services

Enterprise Telecom Partners