Zayo Group [NYSE:ZAYO]: Empowering Enterprise Transformation

Michael Strople, President, Zayo Enterprise As enterprises become increasingly reliant on technology and IT, especially with the onset of trends such as cloud computing, big data, and IoT, their demand for high-performance connectivity and storage has reached an all-time high. Zayo Group [NYSE:ZAYO] provides communications infrastructure services, including fiber and bandwidth connectivity, colocation, and cloud infrastructure to the world’s leading businesses. In addition to high-capacity dark fiber, wavelength, Ethernet, and other connectivity solutions, Zayo offers colocation and cloud infrastructure in its carrier-neutral data centers. Building on the strength of its established practices and a proven track record for serving carriers and large enterprises, the company has recently formed Zayo Enterprise—a new business segment dedicated solely to meeting the growing communications infrastructure needs of enterprises. “We understand the urgency and priority placed on business transformation and innovation in today’s digital economy, which is why we have combined the strength of Zayo’s communications infrastructure with an all-encompassing suite of solutions tailored to enabling our enterprise customers to connect, virtualize, and protect their business,” asserts Michael Strople, president, Zayo Enterprise. With sustained growth over 10 years despite turbulent economic conditions, Zayo is a speeding train for the delivery of leading-edge communications infrastructure to enterprises around the globe in a single, unified set of multi-product solutions.

"Today’s enterprises can’t survive without connectivity and IT networks which have become integral to the way businesses move and operate"

According to Stephen Fisher, CTO, Zayo Enterprise, “CIOs have been given a new role as it relates to the importance of data, security, and network infrastructure of their businesses.” He points out the major challenges around getting enough bandwidth to their enterprise locations as well as ameliorating the process of adding and changing locations if need be. In terms of Zayo’s value proposition amid all these challenges, customers are given the chance to have a single provider of a holistic, all-encompassing suite of multi-product solutions in Zayo Enterprise—allowing clients to focus on their business instead of being distracted balancing the management of multiple providers. “We have engineered a differentiated service architecture that provides a true future-ready platform to empower enterprises with a foundation to effortlessly add services and applications and continually make upgrades,” explains Fisher.

Enterprise Communications Infrastructure in a Software- Defined World

Realizing businesses are forced to shift from traditional network engineering to a more software and IT-savvy approach, Zayo Enterprise represents the perfect solution for their first steps in today’s software-defined reality—the one that directly implies uninterrupted, scalable connectivity via its global fiber network. Unlike 20 years ago, “today’s enterprises can’t survive without connectivity and IT networks which have become integral to the way businesses move and operate,” explicates Strople.

Recognizing The Complexity And Challenges That Are A Given In Today’s Market, We Are Committed To Providing The Solutions That Enterprises Need To Transform

“An established infrastructure has become the lifeblood of the 21st century enterprise.” Through more than 40 acquisitions and customer demand-driven investments since its formation in 2007, Zayo has created a dense network infrastructure consisting of 10.5 million fiber miles, 30K on-net buildings, and 1.14K on-net data centers. Zayo Enterprise delivers critical bandwidth and vital connectivity services to some of the world’s largest companies, including wireless and wireline carriers, media and content companies, as well as finance, healthcare, and other large enterprises.

Fisher claims that the most fundamental piece for evolving enterprises is providing the right network and application experience for end users across their networks, including multiple offices, data centers, and virtual platforms. To do so, Zayo’s infrastructure encompasses all major focal points of any enterprise, from Ethernet and managed WANs to cloud computing and storage, as well as the underlying security capabilities for a complete package that meets all of their customers’ network and communications infrastructure needs. Furthermore, Zayo’s online platform for managing and purchasing bandwidth and services, Tranzact, delivers the performance, control, and end-to-end visibility that gives businesses the confidence to evolve rapidly. It provides customers flexible, customized solutions and self-service capabilities for interfacing with, modifying, and buying new services in a reliable and secure way. In sum, Zayo has built a network that enables enterprises to easily connect to it with high-speed connectivity, simplifying their operations and supporting their dynamic changes. “Recognizing the complexity and challenges that are a given in today’s market, we are committed to providing the solutions that enterprises need to transform,” says Fisher.

Focused on Trust-Enabled Partnerships

Zayo’s entrepreneurial approach to business has resulted in the ability to rapidly capitalize on customer demands with a lot of depth, both in terms of assets and expertise. With speed being labeled “the new currency of business” in various industry circles, the mantra of accelerating enterprise “at the speed of Zayo” has become ingrained in the company’s culture. Playing a collaborative role in improving their customers’ businesses, every individual on the Zayo team possesses the expertise and willingness to focus on customer needs as it pertains to a particular problem and quickly put together a relevant solution for them. Strople explains that most of their partnerships actually start with a conversation about a single problem and solution, and then grows over time through trust and success. “We don’t begin by presuming we know what the right solution is for them, instead we listen to understand their business and challenges from our customer’s perspective,” Strople posits that “in many ways, our customers trust us with an important part of their business. In that sense, our ultimate focus is on understanding their business to ensure success, which is ultimately our success as well.”
Stephen Fisher, CTO, Zayo Enterprise
One such example involves a Fortune 500 healthcare client that selected Zayo Enterprise in the expansion of their wide area network (WAN). Through Zayo’s IP-VPN solution, the company is connecting more than 20 of the client’s business offices, while providing the 1G capacity to future-proof their bandwidth needs. What is more, Zayo has solidified this partnership by providing services to connect their global locations through its Global Reach network. Essentially, Zayo has extended its network to 45 countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia through Global Reach, allowing customers to leverage their extensive owned network footprint in North America and Europe as well as networks formed from strategic partnerships with other leading network providers.

Global Reach is focused on expanding the global presence of Zayo and its customers as it relates to the locations the customers want their business to be. In fact, Zayo is one of the very few companies that can provide connectivity across their own infrastructure between Western Europe, the U.S., and Canada. Such a unique infrastructure of its own and an impressive geographical reach allows Zayo to always offer the best price and provide the highest level of service in what is truly an end-to-end solution. Moreover, customers that are looking to expand and grow their business on a more global scale turn to Zayo to be the sole provider of everything they need to evolve.

A Future-Ready Global Infrastructure

Contemplating what’s next, the Zayo Enterprise CTO echoes the prevailing need to simply “do more.” The company’s roadmap involves developing a more efficient model for virtualization and software-defined networking that will give customers access to real-time data, analytics, and provisioning, as well as the ability to orchestrate services in a way that gives them more control over their services. Moreover, Fisher emphasizes the continual focus on reducing the overall costs of the business structure in order to add more services at a better value to their end users. Needless to say, if there is one priority the company will always focus on, it is providing “more bandwidth” and finding ways to leverage that into better business outcomes for their enterprise customers.

Zayo was founded on the certainty that the world runs on bandwidth and the demand is inevitably going to increase, based on the current rate of developments in technology and the way it affects all areas of business, global economy, and society. “It is this premise and our mission focused on accelerating our customer’s capabilities with high-quality bandwidth that has allowed Zayo to expand so quickly in a highly competitive market, and enabled us to create long-lasting, trust-infused partnerships,” concludes Strople. Having carved a massive footprint in the global arena with cutting-edge solutions, Zayo Group’s main intent is to continue to be well-positioned in the market to capitalize on the industry trends that are driving the demand for communications infrastructure, colocation, and high-performance connectivity in the enterprise world.

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Michael Strople, President, Zayo Enterprise and Stephen Fisher, CTO, Zayo Enterprise

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