Vision Wireless, LLC: Transforming the Management of Enterprise Mobile Environments

Kevin Steffes, President & CEO
In today’s telecom industry, companies are leveraging the power of mobility to help increase revenues, profits, and improve operational efficiencies. As the investment in wireless technology continues to grow, companies are challenged to manage corporate mobile assets, ensure device security, deploy new mobile apps, and control their rising wireless expenses. Vision Wireless, headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, is a leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Management solutions that directly address these challenges.

Vision’s services include the firm’s award-winning Mobile Lifecycle Management and TEM solution, BYOD Management solutions, Mobile Deployment Support solutions, Corporate Device Repair and Advanced Replacement solutions, and administration of Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems. “All of Vision’s solutions are designed to streamline management of enterprise mobile environments leveraging a managed-services model. This delivers significant financial and operational savings for our clients,” says Kevin Steffes, President and CEO at Vision Wireless.

Vision’s flagship solution, called Mobility Management, provides increased visibility and control over enterprise mobile assets and expenses using an intuitive management application to track and support the client’s mobile environment. This comprehensive solution enables wireless ordering via a custom eProcurement portal and includes mobile asset management, change management, mobile help desk support, TEM reporting, expense optimization, and cost allocation. “This is truly an end-to-end solution,” says Kevin. “Our unique combination of software technology coupled with our managed-services provides automation to business processes required for the enterprises. With Vision Wireless, clients are able to outsource wireless administration and support while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.”

Mobile Deployments on the Rise

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies are empowering employees with advanced wireless technology and mobilized business apps to increase their business advantage. However, large scale mobile deployments than spat multiple wireless carriers are complex to manage and can consume a company’s limited IT resources.

With Vision, clients are able to outsource wireless administration and support while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency

Vision’s Mobile Deployment Support simplifies the rollout of new wireless devices and apps by providing the Planning, Project Management, Provisioning, Device Staging/Kitting, and End User Support services required to ensure a successful outcome. “Vision provides rapid, on-time deployment of business-ready mobile devices to keep our clients’ business running smoothly,” says Kevin.

Client Engagement Example

One of the largest equipment rental companies in the U.S. leverages Vision to manage its expansive mobile environment. Vision not only handles TEM services but provides devices tagging and kitting along with mobile help desk services that include support of the client’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform. This has reduced the administrative burden on the client’s IT resources and increased end user satisfaction. Vision’s Mobile Lifecycle Management and TEM solution is used to manage all corporate-liable devices. This ensures centralized visibility and control of all mobile assets and expenses across the client’s entire organization. Integration of Vision’s solution with the client’s SSO and punch-out catalogues provides a seamless process for ordering new wireless services. In addition, integration with the client’s Human Resources and AP/Financial systems enables Vision to track changes in employee cost centers that impact expense allocation across the client’s departments. Vision also supports many clients’ Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program by providing a user registration portal, assistance with MDM/security/email access, and management of stipends applied to the carrier invoices of end users.

With a growing clientele, Vision has emerged as a leader in the market for Enterprise Mobility Management solutions. Kevin Steffes says, “moving forward, we are extending our system to support various CRM and MDM systems.”

Vision Wireless, LLC

Augusta, GA

Kevin Steffes, President & CEO

Leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Management solutions that simplify and streamline the administration and support of complex mobile environments