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Lon Baker, COO
The evolution of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has drastically changed the telecommunication arena. The migration to VoIP services has diminished the need for circuit switched telephony providers as quality of services has improved considerably. Although VoIP options have revolutionized business and personal communication modes for many years now, its various functionalities are yet to be exploited completely. VirtualPBX, based in San Jose, CA provides telephony products for business. Backed by award-winning, local, in-house support teams, VirtualPBX offers an array of services including disaster recovery, network monitoring and optimization, and professional system management. “Our solution solves organizations’ unique unified communications problems in the industry,” begins Lon Baker, COO, VirtualPBX. “We dedicate time and effort to work to¬wards industry education and evangelism in general.”

The company’s latest platform, Dash—integrates multiple components, which include faxing, native hardware functions to virtually universal device capability. The platform uses best-of-breed engineering practices, which makes the phone system easily approachable for employees and IT professionals. “Dash can act as a benchmark for businesses interacting with their communications,” says Baker. “The users of Dash are able to navigate operations from the moment they sign up through setting up their phone system on their own, without delay.”

In case of an emergency, the company’s PBX Parachute plays the role of a remote backup business telephone system that offers steadfast, reliable, and instantly reactive failover protection. Acting as a hot standby, PBX Parachute also has a bevy of security features that includes the hotline aspect—wherein businesses can pre-record an emergency hotline recording— available with various instructions.

Leveraging the trend of mobile phone, VirtualPBX Softphone App is a virtual recreation of a fully functioning VoIP desk phone for mobile devices. This app is compatible with all operating systems from any WiFi or cellular data connection. The VirtualPBX Softphone App has the ability to safeguard an employee’s private information and operates through the user’s work telephone number for incoming and outgoing calls—masking employee’s confidential and personal data.

Dash acts as the benchmark for businesses interacting with their communications

The company’s support teams are at the front line, helping users to fully leverage the benefits of their systems. When those customers experience issues with their network, Network Health Check enables VirtualPBX’s system monitoring team to step in to conduct exhaustive, week long analysis. From this analysis, VirtualPBX helps customers create a game plan to get their network up to par. For customers who simply need more bandwidth–VirtualPBX is able to procure the best price in a customer’s local area. VirtualPBX can also assist in enabling QoS, deploying long-term monitoring solutions, and replacing hardware.

The company helped MDGI, an email-marketing firm, faced with an issue of connecting their dispersed organization to route calls effectively. The organization did not want to invest in any traditional wired phone system with an arsenal of equipment, but needed a reliable system to stay connected with clients and coworkers. “The phone system is seamless. The tech you’re using shouldn’t be a comment on a call,” said Scott Mullins, MDGI President. “With others the tech gets in the way and there are a lot of excuses, with VirtualPBX it just works.”

With their variety of solutions, VirtualPBX understands the importance of a strong foundation and the trust of their customers. VirtualPBX’s system is backed by redundancies and contingencies in order to gain 99 percent uptime regardless of maintenance schedules. The company is committed to build an environment that invites straightforward experimentation. VirtualPBX is also working hard to bring the next-generation of VoIP technology to Dash customers with WebRTC. “We will approach new innovations by finding the right strategic partners for our business,”


San Jose, CA

Lon Baker, COO

VirtualPBX provides hosted PBX phone service that gives businesses a professional, fully automated call answering and routing solution

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