TeleDynamicX: Innovative Monetization Solutions for Telecom Operators

Robin Jackson, President and CEO
Today, carriers, mobile operators, cable companies, and many other players in the telecom space have helped nurture this sector to evolve and revolutionize modern communication. The dichotomy is that whilst the number of connections is rising, telecom operators are faced with expensive legacy systems turning obsolete in an age of growing digitization and are hard pressed to find ways to monetize their position as a voice-service provider in the face of OTT applications. TeleDynamicX aims to help telecom operators address such challenges with adaptable solutions that ease the transition from legacy systems to IP environments and that provide real-time predictive analytics to help operators monetize new revenue streams. The firm’s deep experience honed through projects on change management and business enhancement programsover the years have helped in understanding and tackling issues that clients face today.

“Smart telecom operators are implementing real-time systems to analyze network and customer behavior to get ahead of the game,” says Robin Jackson, President and CEO of TeleDynamicX. TeleDynamicX helps them do this by providing tools to monitor customer call and data sessions as well as social media feeds in real-time to determine behavior patterns which allows them to better package and price their services. TeleDynamicX also provides an integrated real-time call routing layer that sits above the switching fabric allowing telecom operators to implement actionable triggers based on their real-time analytics.

“Our International and US Domestic real-time routing solutions considerably extend the feature functionality normally found embedded within switches and fully integrates with our network operations, fraud and credit control systems,” says Jackson. Such innovative solutions have helped clients in overcoming a number of challenges seen in the telecom industry.

In one instance, the limitations of switch based routing systems was preventing a major telecom traffic aggregator from expanding their operations,hindering their reaction speed to market changes and preventing the delivery of meaningful SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

“Our solution for the customer was to implement a centrally-managed dynamic-routing capability,” says Jackson.
Augmented with satellite routing servers running at 20,000 TPS and responding to routing requests in less than 10 milliseconds, the solution also included multiple dynamic-routing paradigms including LCR, QoS, vendor and trunk load balancing, trouble ticket routing, ANI, dialed number routing and routing over-rides to integrate network operations. Once implemented, the customer could set complex and granular routing paradigms to reduce costs, increase quality and win new business.

With the recent release of “TeleMetricX”, a high-perfor¬mance, end-2-end, Big Data analytics plat¬form for telecom operators, TeleDynamicX extends its already comprehensive suite of BSS/OSS and routing solutions to include scalable, fault-tolerant, real-time com¬putation systems that allows operators to easily build unique, real-time solutions to meet their specific requirements; for ex¬ample, real-time CDR streaming for me¬diation, enrichment, rating, creating a uni¬fied CDR repository, real-time analytics, credit control, and fraud management as well as understanding customer behavior.

We offer customization services that tailor our solutions for individual operators without compromising system integrity

Since TeleMetricX can be integrated with any network and BSS/OSS, implementation is smooth and unobtrusive. “We also offer customization services that tailor our solutions for individual operators without compromising system integrity,” says Jackson. Such innovative technologies and adaptability has helped clients in easily transitioning to today’s interactive systems and in understanding how to create and monetize new services.

For the future, TeleDynamicX aims to continue solving industry challenges and drive innovation to advance existing bounds of the telecom industry. “We will work to extend our feature sets and ensure that operators can fully leverage our highly capable and secure offerings,” concludes Jackson.


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Robin Jackson, President and CEO

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