SmartAction: Intelligent Voice Automation Experts

Tom Lewis, CEO
As the telecom market is maturing, the success rate of the players heavily depends on providing customer satisfaction, and maximizing efficiency. Additionally the relative ease for customers to change service provider is making churn rate a concern for telecom companies. However, most of the telecom organizations use traditional voice self-service model bogged down by conventional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which increases customer effort and frustration. For an enhanced caller experience, organizations need a voice self-service technology with advanced speech recognition and data integration with ERP, CRM. Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, SmartAction provides the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice self-service that integrates the capabilities to work with every channel, including web, SMS, email, chat, and fax. “Our solution has helped many organizations avoid the telephony forklift replacement cost and aggravation, reduce caller effort, and achieve immediate benefits without disrupting their process,” says Tom Lewis, CEO, SmartAction. SmartAction designs its applications to resemble a graphical user interface (GUI) rather than a typical top down linear IVR design. In this way, callers have flexibility in how they interact with it, rather than traditional IVR directed dialog which is what most people hate about IVRs.

SmartAction builds its solution to emulate real conversations, making customers more inclined to opt for self-service rather than requesting live agent assistance. The company’s Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA) allows callers to complete tasks, from basic to medium complexity, using natural language and an intuitive call flow which gives them confidence in the client’s brand. “Organizations are able to utilize their human agents more efficiently and for the most complex tasks. Our IVA integrates with all legacy ERP and CRM systems or platforms,” says Lewis.

The company has re-architected the solution which allows incredibly fast implementations within five simple steps: conversation, programming, testing, go live and ongoing tuning. SmartAction bases all conversations within the application on conversation flows, which provide more interactive and realistic calls for end users.

“We do not have to build each application from scratch because the ‘AI brain’ we have developed is pre-loaded with all the necessary functions and skills,” says Lewis. “All we need to do is customize for business rules and processes and integrate with clients’ systems.”

Our IVA integrates with all legacy ERP and CRM systems or platforms

The company differentiates itself with its use of AI ‘IVR with a brain’ approach. The ‘brain’sets SmartAction ahead in the crowd as it allows applications to grow more competent. In addition to machine learning, the Artificial Intelligence engine also gives the capability to adapt and execute numerous high-level complex tasks. The company holds weekly meetings with clients to review performance and engineers tune applications for the life of the contract.

For instance, a large pest control company was using live agents to make outbound confirmation calls to customers who had service appointments. The company was using ‘robo-dialing’ method to call their customers, which was creating difficulty in changing the appointment time. SmartAction developed a highly complex and robust scheduling solution for them to make outbound calls using IVA. Upon implementing IVA, customers were able to confirm, reschedule, or cancel appointments all using the automated system. The success rate of calls made by IVA leaped to almost 70 percent. It also significantly reduced unproductive truck rolls saving more than $2 million per year. With IVA making the calls, agents were able to handle other time-sensitive tasks in the call center.

Moving forward, SmartAction plans to improve its product line and respond quickly to customer issues. Recently, the company has signed contracts and gone live with major new accounts such as Hyundai Motors and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. “We aim to improve our functionality, and expand our geographical footprint,” concludes Lewis.


El Segundo, CA

Tom Lewis, CEO

Provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice self-service for medium to large businesses