RadiusPoint: Robust Expense Management Tool for Telecom Services and Invoices

Sharon Watkins, CEO
Today, the telecommunication landscape is experiencing a dramatic transition with the advent of disruptive technologies such as satellites, optical fibers, and Wi-Fi amongst others. Along with this development comes the complications of managing the huge amount of data from telecom services and invoices. For organizations in this industry, a competent solution to these challenges is the need of the hour. This is where RadiusPoint comes into the picture. With headquarters in Winter Park, FL, RadiusPoint has staged itself with a commendable single-source management solution that streamlines the management of telecom services and invoices. Sharon Watkins, CEO, RadiusPoint asserts, “The telecom industry can’t keep up with the ubiquitous challenges and doesn’t have the time to identify savings.” Efficient management, analysis and reporting of data can be done easily with the hands-on features of the software tool.

The company’s offering, ExpenseLogic, a sixth generation software, manages the diverse telecom services and invoices. ExpenseLogic diminishes the wearisome effort needed to manage all telecom services like expensive billing error and fees. The software provides full Accounts Payable functionality, Error and Exception reporting for complete error reporting, Contract Management for overage reporting and contract repository, and a Help Desk ticketing system. The robust software tool provides management of telecom services efficiently in real time, reducing the time utilized on the tedious analysis and reporting of data.

The unique functionality of the software makes the entire process cost effective and empowers the business to flourish. In addition to the range of services provided, ExpenseLogic is equipped with an Inventory Database to help clients manage their inventory of business lines, data circuits, wireless lines or toll free numbers. The software tool facilitates the client’s ability to effectively manage the services and equipment at each site. “ExpenseLogic is a full service software that provides a circle of management for telecom services and invoices”, remarks Watkins.

ExpenseLogic is full service software that provides a full circle of management for telecom services and invoices

Since its inception, ExpenseLogic has been consistently meeting the clients’ needs and injecting new technological advancements to its services. The software allows RadiusPoint’s customers to have their utility services managed. Moreover, to maintain a sturdy relationship with the clients, the company employs Internal Auditors to audit the management of client services daily. “Talking to our clients to determine needs and the vendors to understand new technology that may benefit our clients is imperative for the company,” explains Watkins.

RadiusPoint’s solutions have benefited several clients. A corporate Telecom department of a healthcare organization with global presence had a tough time managing their telecom services and invoices. Proper time management was not being adhered to and the department could not meet the deadline to pay the dues. However, once the company chose ExpenseLogic, it managed to successfully earn a 448 percent ROI in a time period of six months.

RadiusPoint has always been ahead of the curve or at least on part with the rapid growth of technology. This has helped the company develop effective solutions to the management hurdles of telecom services and invoices. As technology evolves, the company also feels the need for continuous development. The firm promises to continually improve its software to meet the reporting and analysis needs of clients. In line with the same, the company will be releasing a new version of the ExpenseLogic software later this year. The unique software tool will continue to exceed the expectations of the telecom industry.


Winter Park, FL

Sharon Watkins, CEO

Provider of expense management tool for telecom services and invoices.