NetCracker: Reshaping Telco Organization through Virtualization

Andrew Feinberg, President and CEO
Telecommunication industry has evolved from traditional wires to cutting-edge optical fibers, satellite, and wireless communications. In recent times, network virtualization has been the new buzzword for the telecom organizations. Service providers understand the benefits of virtualization and migrating their application and network infrastructure in the cloud, to offer innovative services to their customers and increase business agility. With 30 years of experience, NetCracker Technology is making virtualization possible by delivering transformative projects for mobile, wireline, cable operators and converged service providers through leveraging latest technologies, installing up-to-date services and business models. “Our wide, modular, end-to-end product portfolio is developed on a distinct, cloud-ready platform that supports virtualization and advanced analytics capabilities to guide the communications industry in excellence,” says Andrew Feinberg, President and CEO, NetCracker.

Our wide, modular, endto- end product portfolio is developed on a distinct, cloudready platform that supports virtualization and advanced analytics capabilities

The company’s product ‘Cloud Platform’ provides solutions in business and operations support systems. “Our solution optimizes the management of cross-application capabilities and delivers enhanced support for different deployment options,” adds Feinberg. Subsequently, the company’s well-established proficiency in communications industry and ‘Big Data Analytics’ platform assist service suppliers to transform customary business intelligence ecosystems into smart environments. The solution is prepared to manage both structured and unstructured data acquired from a diversity of interior and exterior sources that facilitate rapid ROI.

“Our holistic solution ensures that service providers can establish actionable business insight for customer experience, partner, product, service, network performance, and optimization,” asserts Feinberg. Additionally, the company’s solution ‘Revenue Management’ enables latest revenue streams by enabling service providers to monetize LTE/VoLTE, cloud-based and virtualization services.
Furthermore, NetCracker’s ‘Operations Management’ product provides end-to-end service and infrastructure management capabilities that automate services, resources and network operations.

With an innovative outlook, in 2008, NetCracker successfully amalgamated with a technology powerhouse, NEC Corporation. After the consolidation, NEC has integrated its telecom software and service assets under NetCracker. These assets encompass leading-edge applications and service platforms, including NEC’s extensive envelope of business and operational usages along with the customer and service management. With the help of these sophisticated products and services, NetCracker helps mobile operators address the rapidly developing mobile environment, which is experiencing accelerating expansion rates as businesses and customers embrace a broad assortment of devices. The company also enables cable distributors to convert operational environments into flexible, scalable, and agile engines that construct the basis for delivering and managing compelling fresh revenue-generating services.

“Our customers span five continents including service providers, enterprises, and government agencies,” says Feinberg. NetCracker streamlines and automates BSS or OSS for several of the largest companies around the world. In one such instance, a Mexico-based telecommunications company, América Móvil (AMX) selected NetCracker in order to acquire a consolidated, end-to-end OSS solution for all of AMX’s Latin American operators. This lead to an increase in time-to-market, upgrade business agility and delivering supreme customer centric experience. In order to drive productivity in the organization, NetCracker replaced the legacy inventory systems and distributed a complete innovative array of OSS competencies on the NetCracker Framework. This framework included resource inventory, discovery and reconciliation, outside plant, service information management, service order management, service inventory, asset management and network planning and design.

The company’s latest application ‘NetCracker 360’ brings forward pioneering ideas, investigating new market prospects, offering established approaches to resolve major business and technology challenges. For the road ahead, the company plans to create network virtualization a reality for their clientele. “We are a leading telecom software business with profound resources and proficiency to assist telecom operators in the field of virtualization,” concludes Feinberg.


Waltham, MA

Andrew Feinberg, President and CEO

NetCracker is the leading provider of BSS/OSS solutions to communications service providers around the world.