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John Granger, CEO and President
Digital maps were a breakthrough invention that concentrated on storage of records and electronic sharing. Off-site backup soon became a reality, and digital maps essentially were composed of layers laden with infrastructural information. Following widespread usage, critical data had to be extracted from multiple sources. Consequently, the process of deriving insights gave rise to disjointed information, and turned increasingly laborious. Enter Mapcom Systems’ visual operations platform—integrating operational aspects of a communications service provider’s workforce in order to project broader visualizations that visibly accelerate business operations and revenue gains. Mapcom, as a software development and services company, dispenses customized solutions for communication service providers. The company’s collaboration with communication providers, fiber communities, cooperatives and independents has witnessed fruition across the expanse of U.S., Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. “In this era of ‘search’, quintessential digital maps straggle with respect to new-age search technologies, limiting potential for optimal digital map use,” points out John Granger, President and CEO of Mapcom.

Mapcom’s bellwether is the M4 Solutions Suite, a visual operations platform that enables effective management of workforce, fiber, coax, wireless and copper networks. Having evolved beyond outside plant (OSP), M4 Solutions collates data from far-stretched sources like: billing, accounting, GPS tracking, element management and network monitoring applications, and displays the gathered information in a powerful visual interface. This implies that all network components can search for necessary information from a single database; cutting down on labor, expenses and valuable time.

Operating extensively in the telecom industry, the company’s suite encompasses an array of industry-specific solutions. The M4 Solutions is abound with design and mapping tools, fiber and central office management applications, alongside a host of support applications workforce and services management. The software suite is charted to map the telecom plant from the central office to the end-user anatomy, then proceeding to fuse each map to the telephone company’s existing database records.
The M4 Workforce software enables a paperless workflow amongst dispatchers and technicians. The embedded workforce tracking technology allows companies to monitor workforce infrastructure. Furthermore, the information is open to access on dashboards in real-time. Expanding M4 Solutions’ range from infrastructure to both the physical and logical layers in the network is M4 Circuit Manager. The circuit paths that are displayed geographically fine-tune the establishment of Design/Circuit Layout Reports (DLRs/ CLRs). Besides ensuring logical circuit transfers, the M4 Circuit Manager also permits easy access into specific circuit data. Additionally, telecom companies can now visualize the areas that are under antennas’ purview, and track usages through the M4 Wireless. “The telecom company can even verify coverage to a potential customer using the Google address search,” states Granger. Through the generation of Google Earth .kml files, visually-rich and accurate geographical reports on service and coverage can be obtained. The M4 Solutions Suite by Mapcom proffers a horde of other integrated solutions that service fiber-based communities, campuses and similar web-based communities, where information is automatically updated onto the map for access to the entire company.

The telecom company can even verify coverage to a potential customer using the Google address search

CC Communications is one such telecommunications service provider who shifted to Mapcom’s M4 Solutions upon realizing that the labor-intensive ‘swivel-chair’ approach was arduous. The suite application mapped the company’s operations comprehensively and integrated corresponding information with already-existing records. As a result, CC Communications oversaw a sharp spike in operational efficiency and revenue gain. This consolidated Mapcom’s distinctiveness in providing visual, geographical integration of telecom equipment and databases that were open to access for multiple users. Backed by acclaimed application user-friendliness and technical expertise in telecommunications companies, Mapcom is optimistic about the road ahead.

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John Granger, CEO and President

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