DonRiver: A Global Reach for Operations Support Systems

John Mcvey, President
Today’s telecommunications landscape is driven by high-speed data, multi-networks, and an ever-growing lineup of digital media applications that emphasize on the prominence of agility, cost, and insights to deliver results. Many businesses demand cutting-edge communication services like the Operational Support Systems (OSS) that encompass highly efficient and technical network management processes. “OSS governs massive networks and is a key necessity for all Communication Service Providers (CSPs),” says John McVey, Principal, DonRiver. However, many telecom companies suffer from the paucity of efficient platforms that can provide OSS solutions to enhance efficiency and also mitigate the network complications. To respond to this novel customer demand, DonRiver, a global consulting and technology services company, specializes in OSS solutions. “Our core expertise in the field of OSS addresses the complexities in networks and helps architect and deliver appropriate solutions in a simplified manner,” says McVey.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, DonRiver offers an OSS Federation platform to confederate information from various OSS systems and place it in a single user interface to enhance the built-in capabilities to support email and text notifications. “The platform also helps in removing time consuming swivel-chair operations between multiple OSS systems in order to deliver services faster and more cost efficiently,” confides McVey.

Additionally, the DonRiver OSS Network Analyzer module acts as a support system for the OSS Federation platform. This module bestows CSPs with the ability to envisage the trends that occur in the OSS space. The module can perform in-depth analysis and provide informative reports. “We work with our customers to configure DonRiver OSS Network Analyzer to aggregate vast amounts of network, service, and end-user data from OSS systems and also generate necessary reports,” adds McVey. Alongside these, DonRiver enables users to assess trends and take appropriate actions to improve the operations.

Furthermore, DonRiver offers an Automated Workflow Management module that helps build a flexible framework for workflow and process driven integration within the OSS as well as Business Support Systems (BSS).
“Our solution is based on visibility into service orders from start to finish. It provides comprehensive reporting for all orders including order decomposition, provisioning, and service activation,” says McVey. DonRiver also delivers consulting and software development services to help companies understand and solve complex and technical issues. “We can quickly architect, design, and develop solutions that specifically address the organizations’ needs,” adds McVey.

A multitude of companies have benefited immensely from DonRiver’s OSS solutions. Recently DonRiver helped an Australian tier 1 carrier achieve over 99 percent data accuracy during a massive data migration. “In order to minimize operational impact, the client requested DonRiver to develop a data migration solution that addresses the specific volumetric and data integrity requirements of the program,” says McVey. DonRiver’s solution resulted in the successful migration of over 100 million records from multiple legacy systems into OSS Resource Manager in less than 48 hours.

Our core expertise in the field of OSS addresses the complexities in the networks and helps architect and deliver appropriate solutions in a simplified manner

The functionality of DonRiver OSS solutions in eliminating discrepancies across multi-networks in the telecommunications arena is one the firm’s key differentiating factors. About the road ahead, McVey conveys, “We plan to concentrate on our growth strategies to broaden our customer base.” Telecommunications is constantly evolving along with OSS, and DonRiver intends to stay on par with the growing customer needs.


Dallas, Texas

John Mcvey, President

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