Tekmark Global Solutions: Talent Acquisition in a Digital Data World

CIO VendorGuy DelGrande, CEO Guy DelGrande, CEO of Tekmark® Global Solutions, LLC (Tekmark), has successfully directed the growth of the company since acquiring it in 1997 during a management buy-out. More than 35 years ago, Tekmark was formed as a core staffing company, quickly becoming a top name in the IT Consulting industry. Under DelGrande’s leadership, the company has been methodically transformed into a full-service technology partner - offering staffing/consulting services, IT and telecom solutions/products, and managed IT and security services.

DelGrande, who has been imparting his own brand of energetic leadership, vision and spirit to Tekmark for over 17 years, is the driving force behind this transformation. Starting with a single Operations Support System (OSS) from Lucent Technologies in 1997, and achieving success by significantly reducing operating costs, Tekmark grew immensely over the course of the next two years by taking over the global software engineering and support for 13 OSSs from the original software developers. Thus began Tekmark’s transformation into a full service technology partner.

Headquartered in Edison, NJ, Tekmark provides the solutions, resources, services, and products to solve even the most complex IT and telecom challenges. The company’s expertise lies in developing and integrating information systems, operating and improving business processes, and helping clients evolve to the next generation of technologies.

Transformation to a Full Service Technology Partner

Beginning his journey at Tekmark in 1986, DelGrande gained in-depth knowledge about Tekmark’s capabilities and potential, and welcomed the opportunity to take the reins of the company in 1997. “When I considered the opportunity to acquire Tekmark, there were two major factors—we had tremendous recruiting capabilities, and we had a solid Fortune 500 client base to build upon. Our vision was to leverage our recruiting strength within our existing client base to provide additional value-added services. We augmented the existing leadership team to include top IT and telecom solutions executives and created a new set of services that complemented Tekmark’s recruiting capabilities,” explains DelGrande. The evolution of Tekmark from solely a staffing company to a staffing and solutions provider was the result of a strategic decision to delve further into their existing client base and create long lasting, mutually-beneficial business relationships.

The early years of the company saw engagements primarily in the financial, pharmaceutical and telecom industries. The vision eventually widened, and Tekmark began expanding and
diversifying its client base to include clients in the healthcare, retail, automotive, media and government sectors. The company boasts deep domain expertise as well as top industry personnel, which has made it flourish and stand paramount in the technology consulting industry.

Tekmark’s Telecom Footprint

With over three decades of experience in the information technology consulting industry, DelGrande is keenly aware of the telecom industry’s heavy investment in mobile services and the headlong rush into video services. He points out that a key challenge facing service providers today is the need to invest in the latest technologies, while still efficiently supporting legacy voice services and network technologies.
Tekmark, with extensive experience in the telecom industry, offers resources that support legacy software systems that are expensive to replace, provides talented resources that engineer and implement state-of-the-art mobile networks, and supports development of IPTV applications and platforms.

For example, Tekmark supports a national Service Provider’s Product Development team who needed developers and testers for proprietary development projects related to their IPTV service. Tekmark’s engineers developed interactive and mobile applications based on current news stories, videos, sporting events, and special programs and were able to see their end-product televised on the Service Provider’s IPTV service within weeks of completion.

Tekmark’s Telecom Professional Services Division provides high value professional management services focused on achieving targeted and measurable performance results for clients’ businesses.

Their extensive experience working in multi-vendor/multi-technology environments comprises data and video communications, circuit telephony networks, network convergence (voice, video, and data), network operations, hardware development, network integration, and computer systems network testing and implementation. This technical depth allows Tekmark to offer a wide range of services to their clients, from turnkey solutions to on-site consulting services.

Information Security in the Digital World
A rapidly growing challenge facing Tekmark’s clients today is centered on information security. Consumers and business customers of Enterprise clients expect offerings that provide secure communications for all digital content they transmit and store. Today’s network technologies and the connectivity of service providers to many thousands of other networks has made protecting customers’ content extremely complicated.

Fortunately, there is a rapidly growing awareness of the need for information security and an expanding number of tools available for all levels of the information infrastructure. Today’s scarcest resource is an adequate supply of experienced security engineers. As a talent acquisition company Tekmark has developed an in-house team of highly experienced security engineers who test networks, web applications, and mobile applications for security
vulnerabilities for companies of all sizes. They provide 24x7 security monitoring for businesses that generally do not have in-house security expertise. For enterprise customers, Tekmark augments existing staff and provides independent security and risk assessments. “Since 2005, Tekmark has completed over 2,300 security engagements. Our clients rely on us to help keep their business and data secure” says DelGrande.

Tekmark has made a conscious decision to focus on, and build services around, the critical areas of quality assurance and security within the digital space. Their client base includes enterprises and service providers reselling enterprise mobile apps from third party application developers. Tekmark’s clients require a thorough and objective test of these applications for proper security and performance reliability. Their performance testing capabilities allow them to test mobile applications with hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. Tekmark has the ability to rapidly test these applications so they can be delivered to the market with short cycle times while simultaneously protecting the nterprise’s brand for quality and security.

This is where Tekmark’s team of knowledgeable security and software engineers meets the competing needs of market speed, application security and performance. “Our objective is to provide a thorough test of a new mobile application in ten weeks or less, and to test a new release in two weeks or less,” says DelGrande. Tekmark has tested applications as diverse as mobile payment card apps, electronic medical records, Bring-Your-Own-Device apps, and high-value package tracking, to name a few.

What’s Next?

Tekmark has completely automated all of its internal processes within its own proprietary ERP/CRM. “We built our own platform back in 1993 and we have worked to perfect it ever since, which allows us to operate at optimum efficiency. The platform is so robust, it is only a matter of time before Tekmark may decide to roll it out as a commercial product,” says DelGrande.

In the past five years, Tekmark has fulfilled over 9,000 consulting engagements across 47 states within the US and internationally in 12 other countries. “We’ve invested in the resources and infrastructure to deliver results globally, rapidly, and cost-effectively. We eliminate the guesswork from technology integration, program management, and outsourcing—on-site, off-site, and even offshore,” states DelGrande. The company’s proven ability to pull together quality resources in record time has proved to be an asset to major clients within the technology space.

When asked what’s next for Tekmark, DelGrande replied, “Tekmark will continue to build upon our core services, and expand our already substantial client and industry base. This will be done organically, as well as through acquisitions of leading technology integrators to meet the ever-changing technology needs of our clients.”

For more information on how Tekmark can solve your company’s IT and Telecom challenges, please contact (732) 572-5400 or pr@tekmarkinc.com. Visit them on the web at www.tekmarkinc.com

Tekmark Global Solutions

Guy DelGrande, CEO

Guy DelGrande, CEO of Tekmark® Global Solutions, LLC (Tekmark), has successfully directed the growth of the company since acquiring it in 1997 during a management buy-out. More than 35 years ago, Tekmark was formed as a core staffing company, quickly becoming a top name in the IT Consulting industry. Under DelGrande’s leadership, the company has been methodically