NetScout Systems: Delivering Comprehensive Real-Time Operational Intelligence

Steven Shalita, Vice President, Marketing
Over the course of three decades, Netscout’s innovative history pioneered a product portfolio focused on assuring service delivery for the world’s most demanding and complex telecom service delivery environments. The telecom industry’s migration challenge to IP is extensive across mobile, business services, residential segment, co-operations and other types of telecom segments. “The move to IP represents a different delivery architecture that allows service providers to innovate and deliver new services to build, operate and manage networks,” says Steven Shalita, Vice President, Marketing, NetScout Systems.

Many telecom companies have been using NetScout for their backend processes in their traditional enterprise environment. As these carriers started their move to IP, their existing vendors were not able to deliver the kind of IT service assurance needed for this new generation network. “We have grown in that window of time, to deploy our nGenius technology in 165 service provider production networks across 48 countries, in more than 15 Cable/MSO and 100 mobile networks globally, including 22 LTE production deployments,” adds Shalita.

NetScout matches its name to the proud past and present, where it is scouting the network for performance. The company’s use cases run into three fundamental categories. The first use case is on service assurance—the ability to use tools that solve performance problems for the network or the services delivered over the network. “The second half of the assurance functionality is providing proactive management—to monitor a nationwide network with regional and per user granularity on a real time basis to identify performance issues before large numbers of users are impacted,” explains Shalita. The nGeniusONE service assurance solution from NetScout generates real-time early warning notifications of impending performance problems, automates the detection of anomalous service behavior and provides actionable context for faster, more accurate problem diagnosis and isolation. For the second use case on optimization, the solution allows operators to more efficiently analyze and optimize the performance of their IP mobile voice data networks to improve service velocity and optimize network performance.

nGenius technology is deployed in 165 service provider production networks across 48 countries

The third use case is big data analytics for customer experience management, Shalita says, “Data analytics has a profound effect on the development strategy and products that we deliver to our customers. The ability to extract intelligence from network traffic, changes the whole paradigm of service assurance.”

The nGeniusONE platform is powered by NetScout’s ASI Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine that performs real-time data mining of all traffic crossing the network. delivering performance at scale. This enables monitoring and analysis across large, distributed networks comprised of hundreds of geographic locations, thousands of services, millions of users, and billions of session transactions per hour. Its distributed processing architecture increases the depth and speed of analysis, eliminating the need for middleware or aggregation servers. Architected for extensibility, ASI technology enables rapid support for new protocols, applications and next-generation technologies such as Software Defined Networks (SDN), IPv6, adaptive video and Web-RCS. Using the same nGeniusONE platform and nGenius InfiniStream appliance investment, operators can leverage high-performance, enterpriseclass Network and Application Performance Management (NPM/APM) capabilities to support data center and cloud application service monitoring requirements.

NetScout is continually evolving their products. “Our core strategy is based on technology. We continue to innovate with Adaptive Session Intelligence, our patented technology that supports 40 and 100 Gigabit network links by overcoming the physical limitations associated with capturing, recording, and analyzing packet-flow data for very high traffic and transaction volumes,” says Shalita. NetScout will be expanding in the operational business intelligence space, to leverage more and more intelligence from the network, so that operators can better leverage from a single investment.


Westford, MA

Steven Shalita, Vice President, Marketing

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