DonRiver: Offering Federated OSS Experience

Kent McNeil, Co-Founder & Principal
Communications service providers (CSP) deploy multiple Operational Support Systems (OSS) to manage the complex operations in their networks. However, the lack of a system that can consolidate these OSSs, leads to bits and pieces of segmented data that drive complexity with operations like service provisioning, network configuration, network inventory, and fault management. Adding to it, multiple OSS requires users to navigate separate systems, which has unique learning curves, individual training curriculum, and separate support guides. DonRiver, a Dallas, TX based company, takes off all these pain points with its product ‘Rapid Fusion’.

“We got tired of clients rolling out the ‘hot new OSS’ system or upgrading every 4 to 5 years and expecting radical improvements that would not happen unless all relevant data is in one place. Hence we launched Rapid Fusion,” says Kent McNeil, co-founder and principal, DonRiver. Rapid Fusion is a single process solution, leveraging web-based user experience which makes everything simple and intuitive. It keeps existing products and related data safe and unchanged, which enable clients to tailor it to different business processes.

Rapid Fusion simplifies management of network resources by exposing the applicable data set required to complete a specific process. “The business process should never change because of an OSS; the OSS product should be flexible enough to configure each client’s business process. There should never be a learning curve. Rapid Fusion answers it all,” says McNeil.

DonRiver’s solution has expanded into varied areas of the OSS stack. First, it was into the logical inventory space, and then into network discovery, order management, network activation, planning, and trending and forecasting. “When you take the user experience up one layer from the legacy products, then the business process quickly becomes about the activities required to manage the entire network, and Rapid Fusion is an example of the evolution,” says McNeil.
“Our ability to federate multiple inventory systems from multiple vendors, legacy systems or even in-house tools gives DonRiver a significant advantage over competition,” he adds.

DonRiver has successfully established its global presence and has offices in Canada, UK, Russia, Vietnam, and Australia. The company’s clientele consist of the big players from communication and media industries. One of the biggest clients of DonRiver in the Asia Pacific region recently utilized the company’s tools to align their inventory system with what was actually ‘real’ or discovered in the physical network. The client’s previous process involved a 15 to 20 day lag time, after which finding customer orders were diffcult. The client wanted a wa to simplify the provisioning process so orders would not remain incomplete.

DonRiver configured a dashboard to easily centralize each order per user, as well as provided an admin dashboard for management. The process also involved validation from the physical network, which allowed network resources to be freed up. Approximately $5 million in assets were successfully ‘reclaimed’ by correcting the inventory system to reflect reality, and also preventing the issue from recurring in the future.

DonRiver envisions huge growth opportunities in the European region in the coming years. “Many small to midsized CSPs we have visited in Europe appear underserved. With our product suite and global reach, I believe we will be able to offer a compelling value proposition to those clients with a modest budget,” assures McNeil.

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Dallas, TX

Kent McNeil, Co-Founder & Principal

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