Connection Points Increasing Substantially Every Year
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Connection Points Increasing Substantially Every Year

Annabelle Bexiga, EVP & CIO, TIAA-CREF
Annabelle Bexiga, EVP & CIO, TIAA-CREF

Annabelle Bexiga, EVP & CIO, TIAA-CREF

Challenge in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2014

In an age where children can navigate tablets before they can print their own names, we must close the ever growing gap between what the enterprise delivers  and what employees and customers have come to expect due the consumerization of technology. To stay ahead of our customers’ evolving needs, we will  continue to expand our mobile, social, cloud and analytic technologies. By next year it is anticipated that there will be more customer engagement through mobile devices  than through desktops and laptops. Last year, we were pleased to be rated 3rd for The Search Agency’s “Mobile Experience Scorecard: Fortune 100  companies.”  going forward, we need to continue ensuring that our technologies are both scalable and cross-functional on customers’ and employees’ choice platforms.

Solutions that will make my job easier

Over the past 96 years, TIAA-CREF has known its customers and provided financial well-being throughout their lifetimes. The velocity and volume of Big Data introduces more information to help us in our missiondriven business, but Big Data Analytic tools are still in their infancy. We all know there is value in the  data, but technologies that will unlock the value are still limited. I am looking forward to the evolution of Big Data tools that can help to speed processing and  visualization of customer insights.

  ​Ensure that technologies are both scalable and cross-functional on customers’ and employees’ choice platforms 

Technology trends which significantly impact the enterprise business environment

Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud computing will continue to impact all enterprises. We are living in an interconnected world and every year the connection points increase substantially. These trends have already had a tremendous impact on our business. They will continue to change how we do everything going  forward.

CIOs expected to deliver business-enhancing innovation

Technology now drives business capabilities and with this change has come the shift of the CIO as a service provider to CIO as an integral partner–not only must the CIO know the technologies, but he/she must also understand business drivers and deliver business-enhancing innovation. It has become increasingly vital for CIOs to embrace and help drive change in the organization, as well as stay diligent as the threat landscape continues to evolve. Now more than ever, our technologies must be reliable, efficient and secure.

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