Top 20 Technology for Telecom Companies - 2018

Top 20 Technology for Telecom Companies - 2018

Coming by as a revolutionary advent, the telecom industry incessantly manages to make dramatic variations on its fundamentals. With technologies like IoT and cloud computing driving globalization, telecommunication systems are in par and adapting to these contemporary wizards. As wireless internet is taking the center stage, industries are waking up with renewed ideas and technology fusible techniques.

IoT is one such classic, extending transfiguration to the telecom industry that is all set to take the world by storm, with volumes of data being fetched and conveyed on a daily basis. Similarly, high-definition voice quality is another imperative for communication that is achieved with the launch of VoLTE. With improved battery life, VoLTE aims at enabling interoperability among devices. The telecom industry is also witnessing the unquenchable need for speed and hence the demand for higher data rate is snowballing, which makes 5G a significant prospect of the future. A survey by Gartner shows that 75 percent end users are willing to pay higher for 5G mobile services. Furthermore, telecom technologies are influencing forward lifestyle changes such as the smart meter system that benefits the billing structure by reducing the billing errors and improving monitoring capabilities. With a plethora of opportunities, the telecom industry is anticipating drastic evolutions in the future to come.

Keeping that in mind, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and industry analysts including the CIO Reviews’ editorial board has charted out top 20 most promising companies offering solutions for telecom industry. These companies offer powerful solutions coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you “Top 20 Most Promising Technology Solution Providers for Telecom Industry-2018”

Company Name

Company Description

Advantage 360 Software, LLC Provides full range of carrier grade billing, POS, CRM and OSS solutions includes over 70,000 features and functions that provide true end-to-end operational support
Bista Solutions Offers solutions which allows the clients to increase service quality, align resources to business opportunities, and improve operational performance
Critical Software Delivers industry-leading solutions, allowing clients to benefit from efficiency gains and lifecycle extensions to their existing telecoms assets and technologies
DataArt Emerged as the paradigm to transform Telecom networks by delivering agility and innovation while reducing capital and operating expense requirements
Elinext Provides high-performance infrastructure monitoring solutions for enterprises that require the highest levels of network reliability, hardware efficiency and performance
Enterprise Telecom Partners Enterprise Telecom Partners helps customers source, design, and implement carrier services
Futurism Technologies, INC Helps its clients improve their operational efficiencies, time to market capabilities, drive innovation, and meet operational objectives
Hansen Technologies Caters proven Customer Management and Billing capabilities with Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to maximize the power of the back office suite
Intracom Telecom Driven by the latest technological achievements, Intracom Telecom develops, maintains and enriches a broad range of advanced telcom software solutions
JeraSoft Offers a variety of services and payment terms to help businesses transform billing process for getting exceptional results
Oculeus Oculeus provides an array of solutions to help telecom companies fight fraud-attacks, reduce cost, and analyze the quality of the network
Openet Ensures better interaction between the client and the customer improves driving new revenues and increasing the share of their customers’ digital spend
R Systems A provider of convergent charging, Mobile Broadband Management, MVNO in a box, Value Added Services, Core Network Systems and Mobile Applications
Saisei Revolutionizing network analysis and control for the new challenges that mobility, cloud, SDN, and the IoT are bringing to networks today
SaM Solutions Employs a wide array of technologies, optimizing network design to provide next-generation digital services to end-users
Tangoe Offers a scalable and flexible technology management solution that helps clients to manage, measure, and optimize any fixed, mobile, or cloud technology asset or service efficiently and accurately
Ultimus Ultimus process solutions for telecom service providers help drive higher customer satisfaction, greater operational performance and smart decisions
UniqueSoft Providing automated legacy modernization tools
Valicom Provides telecom and technology expense management solutions and services
XKL Provider of private fiber-optic networking equipment that meets current and future bandwidth needs