Beyond Now: Bolstering Partnerships Via Cloud-Based Ecosystem Orchestration

Angus Ward, CEO
In his book ‘Platform Revolution’, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, Professor Geoff Parker aptly describes the revolution that was created by the platform business model as the “inverted firm”, where organizations leverage network effects through external ecosystems, shifting value creation from the inside to the outside. In context of the telecommunications industry and the monetization of new technologies such as 5G, Edge, IoT and AI, the platform business model is now part of board level discussions, and many CEOs are actively looking for ways to transform their organizations into platform businesses.

However, what’s clear is that the industry has not given enough attention to the underlying technology of this business model. The enablement platform is the key to unlocking the value that external (and even internal) ecosystems create. It acts as the orchestration and monetization layer, automating and unifying business processes across the entire ecosystem, giving buyers the experience of purchasing from a single organization. Beyond Now is a trailblazer in this space. In 2021, the company completed a management buyout from BearingPoint supported by a small group of professional investors, and now operates as an independent technology company. Its unique, SaaS-based Infonova Digital Business Platform helps communication service providers (CSPs) including NTT, Telia, BT and technology players to collaborate and co-create solutions with a growing number of partners, then sell, fulfil and monetize them at scale. Beyond Now’s customers can power all the different models of ecosystem business relationships, including the sell with and sell through, the build of a digital marketplace or B2B2X across different verticals and geographies. By working with hyperscalers such as AWS and Google, Beyond Now is also helping CSPs to revolutionize their “go-to-market” approach for new technologies such as 5G/ IoT/cloud and Edge.

“Our Infonova Digital Business Platform powers the end-to-end dynamics of a partner ecosystem, helping CSPs to jointly co-create solutions, sell, fulfil and monetize them at scale, giving customers the edge to rapidly experiment, launch and grow, while starting small and scaling up with success,” says Angus Ward, CEO of Beyond Now.
To help its customers accelerate innovation and co-creation of B2B solutions, Beyond Now recently hosted a worldwide gathering of its partners and prominent global technology enterprises such as TELUS, NTT Comware, Google, and AWS where they launched ‘exchange’, the 1st global digital marketplace for technology solution co-creation. Ward highlights that the involvement of these industry giants underscores the importance of ecosystem management for the future of the economy.

The Infonova Digital Business Platform powers the end-to-end dynamics of a partner ecosystem and helps CSPs to monetize and orchestrate B2B solutions at scale

This is becoming especially important in a reality where the next growth for CSPs and technology players will come from selling to the enterprise, verticals, government, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Until now, most players tried to stay in their “comfort zone”; CSPs were selling connectivity like 4G, fiber and now 5G; cloud providers focused on cloud; and security on security solutions. However, the emergence of so many technologies led to a power shift from technology sales to a focus on the use case – 95 percent of B2Bs believe it is more important to collaborate with partner ecosystem to build solutions than any single technology.

With such strong capabilities and expertise, Beyond Now plays a significant role in helping service providers to facilitate seamless digital transformations for SMEs everywhere. Cutting-edge technologies alone will not solve the problems that prevent SMEs from truly thriving. But by supporting the orchestration of ecosystems, Beyond Now is dedicated to materializing its holistic vision, enabling the co-creation of solutions with a growing network of partners and helping to drive higher efficiency and automation, taking the industry further, faster and beyond.

Beyond Now

Premstaetten, Austria

Angus Ward, CEO

Beyond Now is a cloud-based ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider. It empowers organizations to launch new services at speed and grow revenue by utilizing its digital platform, digital marketplace and SaaS BSS.

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