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Greg Guerra, President & COO
The telecom industry has been one of the main drivers of the information age and a myriad of changes and challenges have emerged that demand special focus. Greg Guerra, president and COO of Segra, believes that the growth in bandwidth requirements and increased reliance on cloud and unified communication services are just two of the major trends in the field, and it’s critical for companies to stay ahead of these trends in order to remain competitive. Before highlighting Segra’s contribution to mitigating several alpine hurdles in the telecom landscape, the story of its inception— the successful merger of two prominent telecom solution providers, Lumos Networks, and Spirit communications— is worth mentioning. As a combined company, Segra now stands as one of the most dominant fiber-based bandwidth companies in the U.S, connecting over 9000 on-net locations, 44 data centers and serving thousands of businesses across nine Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states.

Segra is uniquely positioned to lead the telecom industry with its state-of-the-art voice, data, and internet services. The company’s value proposition stems from an ability to meetits customers’ needs with its own fiber network that extends directly to multiple client locations and its innovative and customized approach to delivering a superior customer experience. Segra serves a diverse clientele including the government, healthcare enterprises, large commercial businesses and wholesale carriers, but unlike other telecom providers who offer a one-size-fits-all approach, Segra delivers customized solutions. Guerra, highlights this specifically, “we have a solution-oriented sales process. The sales team gathers knowledge about a customer’s current network design, the needs of the business and where they are looking for innovative technologies. We then design customized network solutions and provide fiber connections directly to their location.” Segra’s service delivery model begins with the proper understanding of their customers’ demand, and then, it rolls out the appropriate service such as MPLS, dark fiber, Ethernet, and advanced data center services. Always in tune with its clients’ evolving requirements, Segra can gradually broaden their offerings with value-added solutions such as hosted voice, unified collaboration, security products, backup services, and DDoS services.

We have a solution-oriented sales process. The sales team gathers knowledge about the current network design and customers’ needs and where they are looking for innovative technologies

Guerra adds, “We have the products and the level of service that allow our customers the freedom to grow.”

The deliverance of data center services is another compelling offering in Segra’s line of solutions. For many enterprises, a lack of security and a failure to comply with compliance programs and standards can lead to enormous loss of capital and a hit to their brand and reputation in the marketplace. To address this, Segra’s data centers make Business Associate Agreements to help its clients meet stringent compliance standards such as HIPAA and fulfill the physical requirements through privatization of physical infrastructure and private cloud solutions. Guerra adds, “We have launched infrastructure-as-a-service, disaster-recovery-as-a-service, and backup-as-a-service and these are integral parts of our managed service suite and solution set, and we also have introduced an enhanced security suite which is a more robust security solution including hosted firewall, content filtering, and DDoS.” Therefore, the four X-factors: the expertise of its workforce, experience, network reach, and innovative and customizable solutions based on advanced data centers, keep Segra ahead in an extremely competitive marketplace.

To keep their lead in the market, Segra has drawn a robust roadmap for its future expansion. This strategic investment will begin with enhancements and extensions of the fiber network and will continue through to the development of user-friendly solutions for its customers. These services will enhance existing managed services and further empower customers.


Charlotte, NC

Greg Guerra, President & COO

One of the largest independent fiber bandwidth companies in the U.S., the company represents a successful merger of Lumos Networks and Spirit Communications. It provides Ethernet, MPLS, dark fiber, advanced data center services, IP and managed services, voice and cloud solutions, all backed by its industry-leading service and reliability. The company now has the most advanced fiber infrastructure network of more than 21,000 miles that connects more than 9,000 on-net locations and 44 data centers throughout nine Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states and is delivered with our industry-leading service and reliability