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Matthew Smith, CEO
Today’s interconnected world filled with IoT devices and other electronic gadgets witnesses a plethora of utilitarian technologies paving the way for vulnerabilities and threats in society. This creates the need for the implementation of intelligent solutions to impede the misuse of technologies, especially in the telecom space. Identifying this necessity and vehement to help its customers to have compliant, resilient, and smarter networks in place, Virginia-based G2K Labs designs state-of-the-art solution stacks. “We specialize in creating intelligent security solutions for Governments along with telecom and internet service providers to solve nationwide communications and security issues,” says Matthew Smith, CEO, G2K Labs.

With its engineering expertise in the telecom space, G2K Labs enables telephone operators in the U.S. to comply with government regulations such as CALEA to facilitate electronic surveillance of domestic telephones and Internet traffic. The firm offers a proven compliance solution for Lawful Interception that enables carriers to comply with the legal mandates. “We deploy our solution in fixed, broadband, and mobile network to integrate with all telecommunication network equipment and technologies and ensure complete end-to-end Lawful Interception,” adds Smith. Designed with high-end scalability, flexibility, and sustainability, the easy-to-use web-based platform manages the process of communicating with various network elements.

Dedicated to creating a safer society worldwide, G2K Labs tables the Resilient Radio Networks solution that enables it to manage the communication during any emergency situation. For instance, during an incident like the Las Vegas shooting, many people try to make calls at the same time from the same location overwhelming the networks. This hinders public safety as the communication between the government organizations is also disrupted. With the zeal to overrun this setback, the firm developed an ability to regulate the networks in specific areas by disrupting communication except for the public service and 911. G2K Labs’ solutions optimize the use of telecom networks, increase or decrease the strength of towers to identify which phones are connecting to which network elements in order to give carriers more control over their infrastructure.

We specialize in creating intelligent security solutions for law enforcement, intelligence agencies, telecom providers and internet service providers to support them on strategic, tactical and operational level

G2K Labs marks its presence in data retention applications enabling the telecom providers to align with the mandate to maintain certain call records for up to 18 months. Apart from the ability to store call records, the company helps them in saving the IP records for extended periods of time.

Dedication to align well with the crucial need for compliance and security in the telecom industry helps G2K Labs to gain appreciation from several carriers and equipment manufacturers in the telecom space. Numerous customers have been approaching the firm to seek support to comply with the regulatory standards, both domestically and internationally. Over the years, G2K Labs has assisted such firms to connect with all networks elements irrespective of their specifications. The firm has also been successful in ensuring that its solution is built to the highest security due to the sensitive nature of the business.

Since its inception, G2K Labs has continuously been focusing on sharpening the edge of its solutions. Envisioning the future, the company is diverting its core focus toward the 5G network and looking forward to delivering 5G-compatible solutions prior to its rollout. The company also has implemented the necessary changes as networks migrate from circuit switched to packet switched network and voice over IP going forward. In a nutshell, with engineering expertise and industry know-how, the firm seeks to make a significant impact in the telecom arena, enabling telecom operators to work with the government.

G2K Labs

Chantilly, VA

Matthew Smith, CEO

Provides scalable, user friendly and intelligent security solutions for telecom providers to enable them to comply with the legal mandates

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