ROI Communications: Forging Integrated Network Solutions

Joe DeStefano, President
In the telecommunications business, there is a huge void in the adoption, realization, and education of technology undertakings. Stepping forth to remediate this demanding situation is ROI Communications Corp. The firm collaborates with premier telecom enterprises to design network solutions that increase organizational performance and resiliency while often reducing costs. The company’s president, Joe DeStefano likes to call their circle of partners an “ecosystem.” The firm works with a large ecosystem of telecom carriers considered best in breed to help commercial enterprises make educated decisions while positively impacting their bottom line.

ROI essays to be a reliable consultant that assists customers at every level—be it design, implementation, or post-sales support—steering them toward the solution to meet their current needs while future proofing the network to take advantage of new technology. Interestingly, clients need not pay for the services that ROI renders. “Our revenue is driven by the partner ecosystem that we have and we always take note of the best interests of our customers,” emphasizes DeStefano. The team at ROI understands customers’ needs and accordingly provides technology solutions that best fit them. The company manages a large portfolio that enables its team to create an overview of the market scenario regarding new and existing price points, emerging technologies, and process changes.

Based on industry statistics, ROI helps customers negotiate contracts and renewals with carrier services. ROI works to make sure contract terms and conditions are favorable to their customers. The firm employs project managers to supervise network implementations in order to alleviate the burden of IT teams. Project managers support customers throughout their contract lifecycle, communicating directly with carriers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of services and solutions. From handling billing issues to managing customer accounts, ROI provides a complete solution in a way that can fill the technology chasm in the industry. ROI views itself as an extension of their customers’ IT staffs. ROI removes the burden of day to day account maintenance so that its customers IT staff can focus on business drivers to improve productivity.

The firm collaborates with premier telecom enterprises to design network solutions that increase organizational performance and resiliency while often reducing costs

ROI recognizes that for present day CIOs, the main concern is security, especially in terms of networking services. What DeStefano’s team does to resolve this problem is educate CIOs on how to address their needs with respect to security by streamlining their business compliance process in order to mitigate risk. In addition, ROI also enables CIOs to be more proactive by transitioning their business from a cost center to a business enablement organization.

As a value-added services provider, ROI caters to a global clientele by delivering tailored solutions depending on what clients expect to gain from a specific technology. Citing one such case, DeStefano refers to a client that had to deal with six different account managers from their carrier service provider and was grossly overcharged. Meanwhile, they were also facing recurring network outages but did not have the right technology in place to support their business. To this end, ROI transformed the client’s environment through the implementation of a dark fiber ring, a VPLS network, and an MPLS network. ROI’s solution gave the client the resiliency they needed for their business applications whereby they achieved business continuity in the event of major carrier outages as well as augmented their bandwidth scalability by ten times.

Furthermore, DeStefano adds, “We intend to work with strategic and qualified industry veterans who can not only help us grow, but more importantly, help us break down technology silos and serve customers better.” Harnessing upcoming market trends—5G being the next target—ROI is all buckled up having become subject matter experts in the field of telecom and WAN topology.

ROI Communications

Wrentham, MA

Joe DeStefano, President

Collaborates with leading enterprises to plan, design, and implement tailor-made network solutions for customers

ROI Communications