IDI Billing Solutions: OSS in a Virtual Network

Don Culeton, President & CEO
The communications industry is amid a major transformation as service providers look towards cloud platforms and network virtualization as the future of how to build and deploy their services. There are many benefits to be realized by companies utilizing these architectures; however, providers are finding that their roll-outs are being hampered by the new challenges that come along with them. Primary among these challenges is introducing new technologies into the fabric of their operations which previously had been mainly the domain of enterprise IT and cloud providers.

Equally important to a provider’s cloud and virtualization strategy is the role that their existing B/OSS plays in their operations. A mistake that should be avoided is for the provider’s IT focused groups to look at their new orchestration platforms as the way to finally replace the telecom OSS they have used for years. At the surface, the allure of having their operations run on a single industry agnostic platform can be strong. The reality that quickly becomes apparent however is that the needs of their businesses cannot be satisfied by IT automation systems alone. “A company’s OSS needs to understand and support the complexities of their markets,” says Tim Wrona, Vice President, Marketing and Product Strategy, IDI Billing Solutions. “Providers succeed based on their differentiation which requires innovative service offerings, complex products, and diverse delivery models. Systems specifically built for IT often do not have the depth and functionality that communications providers need to compete.”

Providers are also coming to the realization that not only do they need a telecom OSS, but that the one that they are using is not good enough to manage their future operations. “A B/OSS system sitting in a silo can really get in the way of a provider’s service delivery,” explains Don Culeton, President and CEO, IDI. “And trying to shoehorn telecom into your IT automation system or IT automation completely into your traditional OSS is not going to be as effective as having those two systems working side by side with seamless integration.”

A company’s OSS needs to understand and support the complexities of their markets

To realize the benefits from their virtualization and cloud efforts, providers need an OSS that can manage complex orders that cross all aspects of their operations, choreograph processes to the appropriate systems when needed, and then easily converge all the work paths back into a single view of the order progress. The OSS must be dynamic and flexible to keep up with all the changes going on in the provider’s network as well as in the industry.

Delivering a feature-rich solution with modern, web-based, open integration capabilities, IDI’s CostGuard® supports the unique product and service offerings, complex rating schemes, and diverse business models necessary to succeed in this competitive environment. CostGuard manages the key functional areas from acquisition to retention, and all fundamental operational elements, helping organizations maximize their profitability.

With continuous investment in widening its capabilities, IDI delivers market leading features designed exclusively for the communications market. CostGuard is updated monthly with new capabilities based on market trends, customer collaboration and through agile development. From managing traditional telecom through network virtualized cloud-hosted solutions, IDI is helping lead the convergence of IT and the telecom industry. With the recent addition of tickets, workflow, care, and communications applications, IDI delivers a superior customer experience that allows for unbridled service provider growth.

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Don Culeton, President & CEO and Tim Wrona, VP, Marketing & Product Strategy

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