Aria Systems: Transforming Telecoms into Digital Service Providers

Tom Dibble, President & CEO
Today’s markets are experiencing an unprecedented pace of change. Communications service providers (CSPs) are eager to provide a new wave of services for to¬day’s on-the-go customers, such as streaming video/audio, mobile payments, Wi-Fi hotspots, and bundled residential quad plays, all of which take them beyond their role as operators providing the pipes.

“Traditional CSPs are rapidly transforming themselves to become digital service providers (DSPs), delivering innovative digital services and a better end-user experience,” said Tom Dibble, President and CEO of Aria Systems. “Yet, they are hampered by legacy systems.” Additionally, technology trends such as M2M, cloud services, and IoT are presenting new growth opportunities. “The telecom industry is undergoing a tectonic shift brought on by the opportunities (and challenges) involving the firehose of customer data flowing through continuously connected devices,” said Dibble. “Aria’s Cloud Billing and Monetization Platform provides an agility layer enabling CSPs to orchestrate, and in turn monetize, the vast amount of consumption data. And they can do so with the ability for nimble iteration required for ever changing market trends—like their DSP counterparts.”

Aria’s platform helps CSPs complement their existing OSS/BSS infrastructures to capitalize on these opportunities. “Our agility layer acts as an augmentation strategy that minimizes reliance on more rigid on-premises ERP and BSS,” said Dibble. “It enables clients with an omni-channel approach to launch, test, and manage rapidly-iterating product catalogs of services and pricing across diverse market segments, geographies, and currencies. Aria’s platform also allows frictionless, accurate, and timely billing, and the ability to improve customer satisfaction and lifetime value (CLV). The result: long-term customers, and higher (more predictable) recurring revenues.”

To eliminate downtime, Aria created an exclusive LiveRelease technology that delivers carrier-grade uptime around the clock. LiveRelease has native system redundancy that allows Aria to release product updates and feature enhancements seamlessly with zero downtime.

Aria’s award-winning technology enables telecoms to deliver products to market more quickly through an agility layer that delivers unparalleled speed-to-market for new product offerings

Aria also provides a dynamic product catalog that can be iterated without expensive, time-consuming coding. This puts control in the hands of the line of business to quickly launch, test, and iterate pricing, bundles, and promotions without requiring IT support. Aria’s Active Orchestration technology enables a single view of the customer across inter-dependent systems to facilitate the billing and monetization process. “With the help of our event-driven APIs and workflows, Active Orchestration keeps the customer data in sync with all the billing systems, and manages billing-related events across the ecosystem,” said Dibble.

“Our flexible packaging and pricing capabilities allows CSPs to deliver myriad services with different pricing models, including streaming video on-demand as a one-time purchase or the bundling of favorite ala carte channels, wireless, VOIP, security and home telecom services,” added Dibble.

Aria’s award-winning and proven expertise, blended with its agility layer, enable telecoms to deliver products to market quickly, and accelerate time to revenue. This is a great benefit to Aria customers, like Italiaonline, Roku, Telecom Denmark, Verizon, and others, who are seeking more effective models that offer different combinations of usage-based and subscription services at various price points. “We are always expanding and innovating our billing and monetization capabilities to better serve the evolving needs of telecoms and enterprises.”

Aria Systems

San Francisco, CA

Tom Dibble, President & CEO

Aria provides a cloud-based monetization platform for telecom’s aging billing systems, allowing them to quickly launch offerings and maximize customer adoption, retention, and lifetime value

Aria Systems