VirtualPBX: Delivering Seamless Connectivity and Networking Capabilities

Paul Hammond, CEO and President
For Paul Hammond, CEO and President of VirtualPBX, a company’s communication network is like the circulatory system where in good health is critical for an overall well-being of the organism and any changes to it can be incredibly disruptive. “A working network and a business phone system is a company’s lifeline to the outside world,” he says. However, as new trends are re-defining the current telecom networking ecosystem, companies are looking for faster access to more devices. Service providers are moving toward a fully-integrated and flexible unified communications platform. To improve the value proposition for the customers, VirtualPBX, headquartered in San Jose, CA, provides efficient communication services and solutions that come with the deepest and strongest features in the industry. “We help customers to effectively manage their phone systems and communication networks,” states Hammond.

VirtualPBX extends the safety benefits of a cloud based system to traditional phone service users, with a product, PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Parachute that offers benefits like remote backup support and instant failover protection. “PBX Parachute is an automatic failover for business phone systems,” remarks Hammond. “Our hosted telephone service releases customers from a series of redundancies so that their phone will be live under any circumstances where physical offices are inaccessible.” PBX Parachute instantly detects a failure when an office becomes inaccessible from fire, natural disaster, or any other emergency situation, and transfers all telephone activity from the inoperable physical PBX to a cloud-based mirror thereof. “Customization is also a key feature, so these parachutes can be tailored to function however an organization needs,” says Hammond.

Alternatively, the company’s Extension Manager App helps businesses that already take advantage of VirtualPBX’s VoIP services to remotely control the extension settings using web-enabled devices. The solution specially comes with facilities like Call-Routing and ACD Queue Login and Presence Management.Beyond queue and traffic avenues, the application also allows an employee to access, record, change, and edit any personal or company-wide recordings as permitted by the level of admin access.
Apart from delivering efficient products for VoIP-based phone systems, VirtualPBX also provides Network Health Check solutions for network monitoring and bandwidth boosting. “By constantly conducting examination of the network, we can detect any vulnerabilities or unrealized opportunities to the phone system,” explains Hammond. The engineers assemble the data and submit network optimization suggestions to handle any number of variables, including break-time video streaming, bandwidth prioritization, and even source an entirely new ISP. “Network Health Check is a highly-focused Concierge Service for network optimization,” affirms Hammond.

Our trained support staff working alongside with the sales, marketing, and engineering teams to provide the highest quality of customer service in the industry

VirtualPBX’s solutions and services have brought indispensible enhancements to businesses and have helped clients to achieve better operational efficiency. In an implementation highlight, Coit Staffing, a company providing strategic staffing solutions, was looking to publish a single national toll-free number and route customer calls to the closest offices. These offices served as hubs for their vast network of clients. By implementing VirtualPBX’s virtual phone system, the customer was able to maintain a uniform national number that was tethered to each location. The system further provided the flexibility to add or remove extensions or follow agents as they visited clients and job sites.

“Our trained support staff working alongside with the sales, marketing, and engineering teams provides the highest quality of customer service in the industry,” proclaims Hammond. The company invests ample amount of time and energy to find the right strategic partners for its business as well as in its employees. In development, VirtualPBX will constantly work toward fostering an environment for innovation and bring in latest technologies that will prove useful for the customers.


San Jose, CA

Paul Hammond, CEO and President

A privately held communications service provider and a pioneer in private branch exchange (PBX) technology called a virtual or hosted PBX

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