Amdocs: Creating Personalized Experiences to Expand Customer Base

Eli Gelman, CEO
Today, the telecommunications landscape is on the brink of a major technological disruption. The service providers have realized that they have to do more than just facilitate voice calling for customers—there has been a gradual increase of speed and reach. Experts predict that by 2020, the world will have more than 50 billion connected devices, which is six times the earth’s current population. This increased connectivity will mould a different world and redefine the way people connect with each other. Solution providers in their quest for survival over their peers, face the challenge of ever-increasing customer demands, which includes providing personalized customer experiences across all channels and patch points. Being a major stakeholder in this transition, telecom companies have to be agile, leveraging the latest technology to understand customer behaviors and their needs.

Amdocs, headquartered in Chesterfield, MO, provides solutions to telecom service providers which enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiency and market intelligence. The company does so by gaining greater visibility of customer activity and reducing time to market with its proprietary BSS, OSS, network control, and optimization.

Amdocs CES 9.3 is the company’s latest portfolio release with solutions for online commerce, interactive bills, marketing, and network analytics, as well as cross-portfolio enhancements to improve system performance for players in the telecom industry. This platform enables Amdocs’ clients to lure customers with more appealing services, mould intelligent plans and deliver a dynamic quality of experience, resulting in an overall increased business value. Eli Gelman, CEO of Amdocs says, “CES 9.3 is designed to address the challenges and new requirements that companies face on their journey into the new world of customer experience, where they are expected to offer innovative and personalized services.” This new addition is complimented by Amdocs Convergent Charging which is Amdocs’ flagship product for convergent, real-time charging in order to meet the need of quickly launching and monetizing new services.
This turbo charging solution helps in reducing total cost of ownership without compromising on performance.

Amdocs’ success in over 80 countries worldwide is due to its innovative technology spanning the last three decades. Amdocs Insight Big Data Analytics Platform is one such key differentiator. Using this platform, telecommunication providers can gather and store data across the length and breadth of their network and establish correlations related to business value points. “The platform also provides a set of APIs, enabling easy and efficient data retrieval for various applications. More importantly, the real-time analytics engine generates a host of scheduled and interactive reports and dashboards, providing both at-a-glance and deep-dive views, as appropriate for specific use cases,” adds Gelman. With this information, telcos can formulate better plans and monetize their service efficiently.

In one instance, Mtel, one of Amdocs’ valued clients, a leading telecom player in Bulgaria, deployed Amdocs’ modernized BSS solution in place of their existing legacy system. The organization witnessed instant results as the new system reduced the time to market dramatically from a month to a week. In addition, Mtel has been able to launch new products at a faster pace.

CES 9 portfolios are designed to address the challenges and new requirements service providers face on their journey into the world of customer experience

In order to provide best of breed solutions for clients, Amdocs works closely with its customers, start-ups, and the academic world to drive innovation and capture fresh talent. In the near future, Amdocs will continue to grow, both organically and via acquisitions under the leadership of Gelman.


Chesterfield, MO

Eli Gelman, CEO

A software vendor providing BSS, OSS solutions amongst a host of services to telecom providers to enhance customer experience