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Mike Sanders, Chief Product Strategist
In 2010, Mike Sanders, Chief Product Strategist, SureTax, set out on a mission to develop a robust, reliable software solution for the communications industry. With two decades of experience in indirect tax, he collaborated with Wolters Kluwer, one of the leading global providers oftax, accounting, and audit information, to deliver SureTax Telecom, an easyto- implement, reliable software service for real-time tax calculations. “The communications market was evolving into new internet-based offerings and we understood the need for a new solution which triggered the idea of SureTax,” says Sanders.

“The toughest challenge was to build an easy-to-implement, robust calculation system,” recalls Sanders. “However, this paid off as our biggest advantage,” he adds. “SureTax’s biggest advantage—a complete communications tax calculation solution for billing platforms and providers that encompass tax rates, taxability content and precise jurisdiction information with the sophisticated logic of web-based, cloud computing—makes SureTax unique in the market, whereas many of the legacy providers still have on premise deployments and implementations,” explains Sanders.

With the communication market evolving daily, there are numerous products and services to address along with growing customer needs. “Within the converging communications market, we are able to provide accurate taxation through various billing platforms and providers, so taxes are reflected on customer’s invoices,” says Sanders. SureTax Telecom provides coverage for over 600 classifications of communication products and services, including Value Added Tax (VAT) calculation coverage for 220 countries. The company also provides training and consulting services to get the most out of their solution.
SureTax believes in three key strengths make them unique from their competitors–its collaboration with Wolters Kluwer (which has a team of experts dedicated to research), a strong and well-experienced professional services team, and the solution itself that provides real-time integration of the calculations.

Today, SureTax has customers across the U.S. and Canada and provides services in all areas of communications taxation from Voice over IP (VoIP), to Long Distance to Wireless Enhanced Services to Digital Goods to Colocation and Cloud Services to M2M. SureTax’s long list of clientele includes clients ranging from Fortune 100 and international carriers to startups. “For our clients, we offer a dedicated team of experts to fulfill the requirements on time,” reveals Sanders.

With extensive experience in every subset of telecommunications, SureTax Telecom provides comprehensive coverage for a variety of services. SureTax plans to expand its presence with more integrations and solution partners. “We have integrated with numerous in-house and service bureau billing providers and have a long and successful record of accomplishment with rapid system integrations,” adds Sanders. “Taxation will continue to evolve in complexity, but SureTax will make it simple with our easyto- implement, reliable, and accurate solutions,” he concludes.

Telecom tax is complex, but SureTax makes it simple with our easy-toimplement, reliable, and accurate tax calculation solution


Alpharetta, GA

Mike Sanders, Chief Product Strategist and Brent Reeves, VP – Business Development

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