Secure Path Networks: Reducing Telecom Costs and Complexity

Tom Gesky, CEO & Chairman
A thought leader and expert in connecting strategy with operational performance, Tom Gesky has built a collaborative team for Secure Path Networks (SPN). As the Chairman, Gesky has built upon SPN’s successful history by re-calibrating the business model, targeting marketing efforts towards large, complex, multilocation companies and driving business development. Headquartered in Pelham, NY, SPN is an independent firm of telecom experts that enables companies to reduce the expense and complexity of their telecom infrastructure, at no cost to the company and with minimal time commitment. From audit to implementation, “Our proprietary vendor-agnostic approach is designed to optimize spend and help companies find the right telecom solution for their business needs, at the right price, from the right vendor(s)”, explains Gesky.

The company offers a full suite of telecommunication solutions that include discovery, audit & analysis, design & decision collaboration and delivery & installation support. Under discovery and audit & analysis, the areas of expertise include linking corporate strategy to Telecom/IT, sophisticated audit of voice, data and wireless inventory, contract variance report, network mapping, applications and services, spend analysis by the vendor, location and service type. Design & Collaboration includes services in the areas of strategic technology, support, value or spend score card, cost reduction through design and cost reduction, evaluation and selection of providers, and delivery & installation.SPN also offers Telecom Expense Management (TEM), which includes E-billing consolidation, contract variance andremediation, live inventory monitoring and professional services for land, wireless and cloud.

Another major service, Request for Proposal (RFP) Life Cycle Management, helps companies deploy successful RFPs. Based on the client needs, SPN helps to create a detailed, exacting or quick and to-the-point RFP’s. It keeps all stakeholders informed throughout the process; from the initial needs analysis to creating ROI documentation and executive summaries.
SPN’s TEM manages every aspect of the telecommunications infrastructure to prevent telecom billing errors to save time and money. “TEM gives the client the access to the detailed information from our audit, on a monthly basis,” explains Gesky. The technology has been developed in a modular fashion so one can select the services that are most needed, whether it be contract management, assurance management, provisioning, reporting & analysis.

The company focuses on three key areas—money saving results, quality services and customer satisfaction. SPN analyzes the existing systems, requirements, expenses and conducts research, to determine the most effective cost saving options. These solutions are targeted towards the CFO’s. “They are in the unenviable position of controlling expenses while funding operations, strategic initiatives and driving funds to the bottom line to enhance company valuation,” notes Gesky.

Being a client-driven telecommunications consulting firm, SPN assists large complex multi-location companies including retail brands, health service providers, schools, law firms, financial industries, shipping companies, wholesalers and staffing agencies. In an interesting example, an Urgent Medical Care firm, which is spread across 150 locations, experienced more than a 35 percent decrease in costs, after SPN helped them implement WAN, internet and voice solutions. The client also witnessed an increase in system reliability, and business continuity for existing locations.

Our proprietary vendor-agnostic approach is designed to optimize spend and help companies find the right telecom solution for their business needs

Secure Path Networks

Pelham, NY

Tom Gesky, CEO & Chairman

An independent and objective Telecom/IT consulting and management company.