SaskTel International:Connecting the World

Sean Devin, President & CEO
The explosion of data usage and throughput is one of the many drivers forcing network advancements upon the communications market. Today, communication service providers (CSPs) are faced with ever increasing pressure to meet the needs of customers. Data hungry devices, applications, services and their demand for improved data speed and exponential bandwidth requirements are placing a strain on CSPs networks and their ability to deliver.

Headquartered in Saskatchewan, Canada, SaskTel International (SI) provides innovative communication solutions that connect individuals on a global perspective. As the subsidiary of SaskTel, a CSP with over 100 years of operating experience, SI leverages a strong understanding of both the industry and its challenges. As a full solutions provider, the company delivers a leading-edge suite of OSS applications and proven portfolio of specialized professional services to assist CSPs in delivering enhanced communications capabilities. “Our mandate is to help telecommunication companies deliver a higher quality of service and enhanced customer experience. Through solutions such as our operations support system (OSS) application suite we assist CSPs in optimizing their operations by taking inefficient manual processes and transforming them into streamlined and automated processes” explains Sean Devin, President and CEO, SaskTel International.

Whether it is fulfilling the services customers are demanding or assuring their undisrupted operation, SI’s end-to-end suite of OSS applications enable operators to drive efficiencies, identify cost savings and optimize the delivery of services over their existing networks. The OSS suite is currently deployed by numerous CSPs throughout North America, including notable operators such as Alaska Communications, Enventis, TBayTel and even CenturyLink, the third largest CSP in the United States.

Recently SI partnered with a key North American CSP in an effort to improve flow-through processes and automation in their service delivery processes. Through leveraging SI’s operations optimization services and OSS applications, SI’s solution enabled the client to streamline cumbersome manual processes and leverage their applications in the best possible manner.
As a result, the company was able to save millions in operating costs per year,” stated Devin.

SI’s application suite utilizes the latest Java-based technologies and is built with the expertise that comes with SI’s successful 25+ years of experience delivering solutions to the communications industry. “Through alignment with industry frameworks, best practices and standards, SI applications enable a proven, service-oriented approach to operations and integration,” says Devin. Standards such as the Telemanagement (TM) Forum Frameworx model play an essential role in defining the business processes, functional areas and integration methods leveraged by SI’s application suite.

To complement its application suite, SI’s professional services portfolio is built on the expertise, industry firsts, lessonslearned and resources of an industry leading service provider that’s been there before. In fact, SI boasts an impressive track record of successful engagements in over 30 countries and 6 continents around the world. This includes initiatives ranging from managing the Tanzania Telecommunications Company in Africa, to building the communications infrastructure for the English Chunnel, to completing multi-year product implementations at one of the largest communication companies in North America.

With a strong focus on innovation, SaskTel International will continue to transform and optimize the communication marketplace, and ultimately the way people connect and share information.

Our mandate is to help telecommunication companies deliver a higher quality of service and enhanced customer experience

SaskTel International

Saskatchewan, Canada

Sean Devin, President & CEO

Established in 1986 as a subsidiary of SaskTel, a multi-service communications service provider with over a century of successful operating experience.