RevX Systems: Advanced Billing and Revenue Management Systems

John G. D’ Angelo, CEO & Co-Founder
In the late 90’s, bundled services and the Triple Play were creating insurmountable obstacles in the Telecom industry and many are still struggling with it. Today, the Telecom industry is facing yet another disruptive challenge created by the recent rise in demand for The Internet of Things and M2M services. Gone are the days that an operator is just a voice provider. To ensure long term survivability, operators must address the need for a multitude of new services which are commonly incompatible with their network and back office systems.

This business shift requires business and operational support systems that can adapt to change and provide greater flexibility for a world where services are personalized and delivered in new and innovative ways. Understanding the needs of the evolving Telecom sector, RevX Systems has rightly taken the advantage with ahighly configurable, full service billing, account management, reporting, and service delivery platform. Headquartered in Orange County, CA, RevX enables revenue growth and profitability by empowering providers to launch these new services at breakneck speeds.

The company’s flagship products and services offer a highly scalable, endto- end solution for multi-service, multitiered network operators that require real-time rating and billing, customer self-care, and data analytics. “Our systems are designed to federate cross-platform services, embrace new business models, and automate order-to-cash processing,” explains John G. D’Angelo, CEO, RevX Systems. D’Angelo’s 30 years of business development, finance and accounting experience in software and financial services, have helped clients remain focused on their bottom line objectives.

The RevX platform addresses charging/rating, billing and settlement for anything as a service (xSP). RevX enables subscriber services to be created, monetized, and reported upon with ease. A powerful data mediation engine allows the system to harvest, normalize, correlate, and manage data from cross-platform services so that customers can manage hundreds or millions of transactions, devices, or sensor readings. An integrated Account Management (CRM) application provides a single view of all customer transactions, entitlements, devices, and historical financial data.

Our systems are designed to federate cross-platform services, embrace new business models, and automate order-to-cash processing

In addition to this, RevX also provides consulting servicesand an integration framework, which acts as the key technology in federating the entire operational ecosystem.

RevX technology is a 4th generation product representing over a decade of development in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) for the IP Billing and Service Delivery Markets. The technology was built to address complex operating environments with diverse service offerings and large subscriber populations.

RevX, and its predecessor Erogo, have deployed this system at hundreds of clients including Cincinnati Bell, Cable & Wireless, Liquipel, a Toll Road Payment System, and among others for betterment. In an interesting case study, Cloud Services Depot (CSD) leveraged RevX’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) to accelerate their development of new applications and services reducing costs by 50 percent, while improving their development quality and accelerating their time to market. “The team developed more than 15 new applications using the RevX SDP allowing them to expand their service portfolio, improve their customers’ experience, and future proof their business,” explains D’Angelo.

Today, RevX is focusing it’s time and resources on helping Telcos, System Integrators, and Commercial clients embrace M2M and The Internet of Things. RevX is also in the process of launching Montage Data to address the operational and IT challenges faced by businesses launching products in these new markets. “Our #1 priority for both RevX Systems and Montage Data is to empower our customers with the right technology and know-how to compete on a level playing field with the leaders in their space,” concludes D’Angelo.


Orange County, CA

John G. D’ Angelo, CEO & Co-Founder and Robert Entrican, CTO and Co- Founder

Advanced Billing and Revenue Management solutions for businesses seeking real time, highly integrated systems to manage and monetize business relationships.