OpDecision: Optimal Decisions for Ongoing Cellular Savings

Drew R. Polin, President
With the core business focus inclined towards reducing wireless expenses, OpDecision derives its name from its motto of helping companies in the telecom space in making optimal decisions to achieve ongoing, significant savings in wireless spend.

Headquartered in Marlton, NJ, OpDecision provides corporate wireless expense management services, and consulting services that are proven to deliver ongoing savings of up to 45 percent. With a deep expertise on billing component and user base behavior, Drew R. Polin, President of OpDecision expresses, “Oversight is a great problem where companies quickly adopt data centric solutions but rarely track whether their user base is using this type of data services in the marketplace. Whenever reviewed, it is often noticed that almost 20 percent, sometimes as high as 40 percent of the users do not actually use this services even though they have it in their hands.” Delving further into the market challenges, Polin states that most of the time business devices are used as personal devices, and as such the average usage per person is gradually increasing from 0.8 to 1.3 GB, costing companies more.

Considering the pain points in wireless expenses, OpDecision offers wireless cost analysis that combines wireless rate and optimization opportunities; attains unpublished pricing and non-commissioned rates; creates an advantageous negotiation process, even under contract; recovers credits for billing errors, overcharging, and carrier negligence; and accesses larger corporate wireless rate discounts.

“There are 3 common approaches to managing wireless expenses; one is to use software that attempts to keep up with the complicated nature of wireless billing and rate plans; the 2nd approach is to have an internal resource spend too much time cobbling tougher reports from numerous carriers using excel spreadsheets; and then there are those companies that pretend that wireless expenses is not a problem and ignore it entirely.
On the other hand, OpDecision engages a team of highly specialized analysts to review all the billing information to optimize your billing to your usage. Our methodology ties in a lot of unpublished and custom pricing, as well as determining if the organization qualifies for group purchasing organizations or other discounted rates,” emphasizes Polin.

Leveraging its extensive cellular industry experience and inside knowledge, OpDecision has extended services to many notable clients. One example is a Fortune 50 company in the oil and gas industry who had been working with a competing firm for 3 years prior to engaging OpDecision.. The client had over 3400 lines of services spread across 4 carriers. Through its unique methodology, OpDecision was able to reduce over $82,000 from their monthly spend. OpDecision also negotiated a onetime credit of $102,000 on behalf of the customer.

In the coming year, OpDecision is developing more technology that will assist companies with adoption of mobile device management solutions, and will expand its cost reduction services to the global market.

We engage a team of analysts to manually review all the billing information along with our automated process


Marlton, NJ

Drew R. Polin, President

Provides corporate wireless expense management services.