MYCOM: End-to-End Network Performance Visibility to Deliver Customer-and Service-Oriented Network Op

Dr. Payam Taaghol, CEO, MYCOM Software Business
Communications service providers today face a plethora of challenges which all result in more complex networks that need to be managed in financially squeezed environment. Network quality and new services introduction need constant improvement to secure customer satisfaction, refreshing and rollingout new technologies or deploying heterogeneous networks have huge OPEX and CAPEX implications, business units are converged, portions of networks are shared, operational support systems are being consolidated and companies acquired, and they have to cope with insatiable demand for more data-hungry devices and services (M2M, Video, OTT services, ect.).

Managing the performance of the network, their most expensive and complex asset, cannot be underestimated — across a network operator’s entire network there may be billions of disparate performance counters produced everyday from tens of thousands of pieces of equipment which creates technical challenges in collecting data and transforming it in to valuable intelligence.

“Firstly, we help CSPs manage network complexity by providing a vendor-independent single view of network data across multiple domains and technologies. Secondly, we help them link customer experience to the network by correlating services to the underlying network resources, in order to optimize network and service quality and customer experience and maximize revenue. Lastly, we provide automation of network processes to help CSPs reduce costs, time and errors in managing their networks,” explains Payam Taaghol, CEO, MYCOM Software Business.

NIMS-PrOptima™ is MYCOM’s robust and flexible Performance Management platform for Fixed, Mobile and IP networks within a single integrated environment. It processes large volumes of data in near real-time from multiple technologies, domains and equipment vendors across access, backhaul, core and service networks, and delivers advanced analysis, reporting and automation capabilities.

One of MYCOM’s many great success stories is with Vodafone India. While building a centralized Super Network Operations Center (SNOC) for 150 million subscribersacross 23 regions, one of their biggest challenges was to provide a single view of the network for consolidated operations.

The network performance automation offered by NIMS-PrOptima can transform an operator’s productivity, resulting in significant OPEX and CAPEX savings

MYCOM solved this by providing an end-to-end view of network performance across the access, transmission, core and VAS domains, thus helping them to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency and optimize revenue.

MYCOM differentiates itself through deep telecom domain expertise. “Many competitors spread their resources across a wide portfolio of products and services but we have maintained our focus on telecom network service assurance, allowing us to build comprehensive products that solve real-world technical challenges,” notes Taaghol. MYCOM Software Business recently expanded their software offering by adding Fault and Service Impact Management through the acquisition of OSI. “This allows us to offer adjacent and complimentary capabilities, which enables customer economies of scale and reduces complexity in running Service Assurance systems,” asserts Taaghol.

Going forward, MYCOM will be focusing on delivering integrated Service Assurance capabilities that simplify the deployment and management of complex and heterogeneous networks, further correlate services to network resources, provide automation and enhance its solutions to help CSPs better support their NFV/SDN virtualization, M2M, Big Data, CEM and SON strategies. MYCOM’s sister business unit is dedicated to Network Solutions and Advanced Engineering Services, and delivers radio and core network design, planning, optimization, implementation and testing services. Together, MYCOM Group offers software and services that focus on delivering advanced end-to-end network solutions across the network investment life-cycle thereby enabling CSPs to design, build, operate, optimize and monetize their network assets. MYCOM’s customers include Tier 1 Network Operators such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica O2, T-Mobile, Telenor and Vodafone.


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Dr. Payam Taaghol, CEO, MYCOM Software Business and Siamak Sarbaz, Founder, Chairman & CEO MYCOM Group, Alfred Binford CEO, MYCOM Engineering Services

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