MetraTech: Providing Flexibility to Innovate without Compromise

Scott Swartz, Founder &CEO
In today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment, businesses must find new ways to differentiate offerings and generate new revenue streams. Traditional billing solutions leave companies with limited choices – conform their business model to what the billing system can deliver, wait for the vendor to implement a desired feature or attempt to build something into or around the system.

These choices are not suited to today’s market and competitive environment. To compete,companies need to transform the way in which they price and sell including bundling products, services, and content from partners and find new distribution channels to reach customers. This creates new levels of complexity that challenges billing systems. Headquartered in Boston, MA, MetraTech, a global provider of Agreements-Based Billing, commerce and settlement solutions enables its customers to operate their business the way they want to; without any constraints imposed by the billing system. “We have been able to deliver power and flexibility to many of the world’s leading companies across communications and media, cloud, financial services, transportation, and other Business-to-Business (B2B) industries,” claims Swartz.

MetraTech addresses two key requirements for a modern billing solution—billing and partner settlement on the same platform. MetraTech’s platform is designed to enable any event—be it a cloud compute instance, aircraft landing, concession, financial service fee, utility, or content service—to be supported and then extended if needed via metadata configuration. MetraTech’s billing platforms are business model and industry agnostic and enable customers to constantly innovate their products and services.

MetraTech’s flagship product, MetraNet®is a complete solution for charging, pricing, billing, settlement, and customer care available on-premise or as a managed service. While its Metanga application is a multi-tenant SaaS billing solution that facilitates subscription and consumption-based billing for online applications that require more than simplistic recurring billing.

MetraTech’s platforms are often deployed by customers and/or systems integrators using an empowerment model, which reduces the amount of professional services and in many cases, transforms the professional services engagement from ‘implementer’ to ‘product expert.’

Communication providers are spending over $20 billion per year on billing, this isn’t a funding problem; it’s an architecture problem

The company differentiates itself with their metadata-driven architecture, which provides customers and partners with a flexible and configurable data model to conform billing to their unique business requirements. Metadata enables you to configure the data model, transaction processing, user interface through web services compliant Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The flexibility of their solutions has earned MetraTech clients across vertical industries including Accor Group, Arkadin, Bell, Concur, DTCC, GRU International Airport, GXS/OpenText, Intercall, PGi, TeliaSonera and TELUS.

One of MetraTech’s recent success stories can be found from their work with TELMORE (part of TDC), one of the largest and most competitive Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in the Nordics. With MetraNet, TELMORE is able to quickly introduce new models and services, generate actionable insights based on customer care and billing data, be innovative in its approach to billing, rapidly develop new business operating models, and improve customer service. Its latest offering, TELMORE Play positions the company to compete with the overthe- top (OTT) players, like Netflix, by offering customers new content valueadded services (VAS). TELMORE Play provides customers with access to 12 content providers including four premium video options: HBO Nordic, TV2 Play, CMore, and MinBio. TELMORE faced the challenge of implementing settlement to support the new partnerships. MetraNet enables TELMORE to control the whole lifecycle, billing and settlement, required to offer this competitive package.

Talking about the roadmap Swartz says, “We’re about to release version 8.0 of MetraNet, our enterprise software product that includes many of the usability features, reports and dashboards pioneered by Metanga, our SaaS offering.”


Boston, MA

Scott Swartz, Founder &CEO

A company that simplifies and enables global commerce innovation, while helping businesses to respond to an ever changing customer and partner relationship landscape.