MCL Systems: Flexible Solutions to Revolutionize the Telecom Industry

Swami Muthuvelu, Founder & CEO
A smartphone carried around in the pocket or a tablet that resides on the desk would be nothing less than flashy toys if it had not been for the innovations in the telecom industry. As end users increasingly demand faster and secure connections, it becomes a prerequisite for service providers to innovate rather restlessly. It doesn’t end there; innovations generate petabytes of data that needs to be cleaned and structured. As such, telecom operators are in a constant hunt to find solution providers who can uplift and ease the entire innovation and administration process.

Enter MCL Systems. A software development firm focused on delivering solutions for telecom firms and providing complete telecom billing, business and Operational Support Solution (OSS) to cater to the functions of billing, customer care, cost management, provisioning, and service fulfillment. Founded and incorporated in 1991, the company has its headquarters in Manassas, VA and serves clients across Europe, India, and Japan.

“We have a strong background in dealing with complex data models which has helped us to come up with data centric solutions that can manage huge volumes of data for our clients,” exclaims Swami Muthuvelu, Founder and CEO, MCL Systems. The company primarily provides its services to the telecommunications providers such as interconnect carriers, ISP, ITSP, VoIP, and any cloud based service provider. The company also provides solutions for Telecom and Network infrastructure management of any large company. The solutions are available either in-premise solution or cloud based.

“The telecom industry is massive and its billing related aspect requires great technological assistance as different business models are used in different business segments. We have over 25 software modules and we are relentlessly innovating to keep up with the revolution of the telecom business,” he adds. MCL Systems’ product suite has two significant offering—Cadebill and Ganges—ensuring simplification of business complexities.

Cadebill is a software platform for telecom operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), cable operators, and utility companies of all sizes.

We have over 25 software modules and we are relentlessly innovating to keep up with the revolution of the telecom business

The platform provides complete telecom billing solutions, inventory, least cost routing, wholesale interconnect carrier operations, Operational Support System (OSS), Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM), Salesforce management, and other specialized telecom operational specific functions. Interestingly, Cadebill is an open system with database and web services APIs for easy integration with an open system. On the other hand, Ganges is a Business Process Management application that controls and automates the processes involving people, IT applications, and tools. It organizes a business process into a series of discrete tasks that occur in a sequenced manner. It then provides for the automation of those processes so that documents, information, or tasksare passed from one resource (human or machine) to the next for action according to a set of procedural rules.

To highlight a case study, one of MCL Systems’ telecom customers wanted a convergent billing and taxation solution to bill a variety of data, voice, wireless, cloud based services, and managed services products. In addition to the billing requirement, the customer required Operational Support Systems (OSS) such as sales agent quoting interface, provisioning, customer self service web portal, ticketing, workflow management, and integration with other systems through open APIs. MCL Systems’ integrated solution provided a comprehensive solution to the customer, in a short duration, with a low TCO.

In the near future, MCL Systems plans to extend its cloud offerings and provide more and better solutions not only to the telecom industry but to all industry verticals irrespective of its size and topography.


Manassas, VA

Swami Muthuvelu, Founder & CEO

Delivers software solutions for telecom firms; providing complete telecom billing, business and operational management solution