Global Convergence Solutions Automating Supply Chain Management for Voice Communications

Neal Axelrad, CEO
While Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) made headlines in 2006, the industry lacked real knowledge on migrating and managing these Next-Generation Networks (NGN). Seizing this opportunity, several telecommunications industry veterans established Global Convergence Solutions (GCS) to help carriers maximize the return on their investments in NGN infrastructure. Leveraging the team’s deep domain knowledge and unparalleled expertise, GCS has established itself as one of the dominant players in the telecommunications OSS and BSS industry today. While the OSS and BSS marketplace is enormous, many of the companies have a legacy mindset and infrastructure. Free of any legacy anchor, GCS leverages all the advantages of NGN technologies to perform things faster and better, enabling them to equip carriers with more intelligent and powerful tools.

GCS’ foremost offering, “Dynamic Route Manager” (introduced in 2008) was a revolutionary middleware that operates between a carrier’s networks and back office systems providing routing information to the network. It acts as a business policy engine that converts the policies into call-by-call routing logic, providing carriers total control over their voice network. Today, the GCS Dynamic Route Manager is widely considered the de facto NGN standard.

Responding to demands from the marketplace, GCS added its Dynamic Rate Management Solution in 2009. When combined with its Route Management Solution a carrier can now automate almost 99 percent of their inter-carrier voice management tasks! GCS customers say that the GCS Dynamic Management Solution has revolutionized their inter-carrier voice business. What make GCS unique? In two words, Big Data. GCS is at the forefront of Big Data processing and analytics in the inter-carrier voice industry. This enables GCS customers to capture, analyze and utilize billions of bits of data faster, more efficiently and intelligently which leads to more sustained profitability. The complexity of interconnect relationships between carriers is amplified by the vast amount of information needed to be exchanged and processed on a daily basis.
“Within 3 to 6 months of using our services, companies can achieve payback and begin realizing significant returns on investment,” says Neal Axelrad, CEO, GCS.

Since its founding in 2006, GCS has been committed to helping Communication Service Providers (CSP) improve the way they do business with each other. The firm’s solutions have helped large VoIP retailers hone their supply chain management and, in a large international wholesaler improved the way it manages its domestic U.S. business. The company’s customer base is starting to read a lot like a “who’s who” of the most innovative CSPs in the industry as GCS continues to extend its lead over the competition. Over the last six months alone, GCS has won a number of high profile CSPs as customers. “The success we have experienced in the first half of 2014 is a validation of the investments we have made since we started the company 8 years ago,” asserts Axelrad. “What makes us different is our people. Our people are the best in the industry. All of us worked on the carrier side of the equation and that experience is imprinted in our corporate DNA. It means that we solve problems, deliver solutions and support our customers the way that carriers want and need to be supported,” he adds.

Having obtained the experience of processing billions of records and turning that into meaningful datasets in a short time frame, GCS has a huge leg up over their competition. Moving ahead, the company intends to provide highly scalable cloudbased solutions that solve critical business problems, while growing fast enough to meet the market opportunities. “The future is incredibly bright and we are excited to execute on our strategic mission of revolutionizing the way carriers do business with each other,” says Axelrad.

Our solution is designed specifically to improve the way CSPs do business with each other

Global Convergence Solutions

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Neal Axelrad, CEO and Jay Meranchik, CTO & President

Provides OSS and BSS solutions to the global communications services providers.