Embracing Technology To Optimize Customer Experiences
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Embracing Technology To Optimize Customer Experiences

Mujtanibul Ahmed Sakib, Head of Customer Experience, Banglalink Digital Communication
Mujtanibul Ahmed Sakib, Head of Customer Experience, Banglalink Digital Communication

Mujtanibul Ahmed Sakib, Head of Customer Experience, Banglalink Digital Communication

We are in an era, which is passing through a highly disruptive passage, and customers are cynical with whom they receive service and lifestyle. This creates an interruption in every aspect of today’s business. How do we connect with these highly conscious, educated, and skeptical customers and make them loyal? This is a question of some urgency. Many of us do not have the answer but we need to find out and keep our business momentum up in parallel.

Technological advancement has eased the situation at a large scale and pulled the customer experience into a new horizon. None of us, even from self–categorization, wants to be a frog of uncertainty, and it surges when irrelevancy takes place, and at that, moment experience comes into the canvas. Many of us have worked in customer experience and are currently engaged or aspire to join the league of customer evangelist. Being a customer advocate by soul and profession, I always welcome everyone to join and enjoy the unruly waves of being a custodian to transform today’s inconsistent and undifferentiated experience into one consistent, especially when the topic of technology appears.

Emerging technical challenges push us to be transformed into competitive and even to survive. I would like to hang a few equally important aspects. First of all, technically well-designed contextual offerings. We need to address the subconscious need of our customer and to be an industry at par in parallel. Consciousness is classical nowadays, so this is essential. Purely persona-based contextual marketing to address both desired and unconscious need of customers. Big data and robust analytics architecture is playing a pivotal role. The AI-driven approach is the best fit in a wider context and this will leverage IoT as well.

From customer servicing point of view, technically robust and effortless platform is must in the current phenomenon. Seamless channel integration for self-service is the reflection. Turn around concept is going to be obsolete and it is old– fashioned now even. People want more than real-time, meaning our system can predict how much will be the cost, effort, and time for their next activity. Customers Service management app, chatbot, and e-self-care are to deliver optimal OMNI experience in an ideal scenario.

On the other hand, in our new normal life, from sitting idle in a couch to running the day-to-day business, connectivity is the key ingredient of the eco-system and 5G is the next-door neighbor. Well acquisition of data carrier will define the ultimate data experience in the coming days.

Now, how we secure all our engagement in a technology-driven stunt? Innovative technology ensures quality, meaning, what we offer is reliable and able to continue to function properly in the safest manner. Many and perhaps most of us have cybersecurity mechanism and to strengthen it, a more concrete solution is required and blockchain is one example from recent days. It has a direct impact on telco business particularly on a digital wallet.

Finally, yet importantly, we need to have a very clear digital strategy addressing the need of both digitally native and immigrant. Adaptation of advance technology is the only option.

In closing, constantly listening to the customer is requisite. Find out the opportunity cost for being customer-centric and alternatively not being customer-obsessed at all. It will give a compelling story and indication to the next move to a secure future in a disruptive environment.

Let innovation and experience keep falling into a rhythm that drives today’s inconsistent business and consistently build customer loyalty.

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